Benefits of Working with a Travel Advisor

In today’s world, more than ever, you want an expert to assist with life’s most treasured memories... your vacations. Your investment in a memorable vacation should not be left up to a search engine. Travel Advisors immerse ourselves in learning about destinations, hotels, and unique experiences so we know exactly what to recommend to our clients. So whether you work with me or another advisor, below are the services you should expect… ONE-ON-ONE CONSULTATION – No trip is ever designed without first having a private, complimentary consultation. This is where we get to know each other and learn if we’re a good match. I learn all about the travelers’ daily interests and hobbies so your itinera

Why You Should Postpone Your Vacation Until 2021

Yes, you are reading this correctly. I’m encouraging you not to travel internationally this year. Why? My goal is for you to have the most amazing vacation memories and for your entire experience to be flawless. Unfortunately, I don’t feel I can guarantee that if you’re traveling in the next several months. Continue reading for all the reasons why I’m discouraging you from traveling internationally this year and my advice for planning that dream vacation… Global tourism has been shut down for months and most countries are still closed to Americans. By the time you travel some countries may have a 14-day quarantine requirement, or a very recent negative COVID test may be required. The airport

How Traveling Has Changed After COVID-19

As travel restrictions begin to loosen around the world, the travel experience and trends are changing. This week's blog contains valuable information on how traveling will be different and what travelers are looking for when planning upcoming vacations. We can’t predict how long these changes will be in effect or even when all the borders will open but I’ll continue to provide you with the most up to date information. REDUCED OCCUPANCY… Restaurants are starting to re-open and hotels will soon follow, with openings scheduled for June and July. However, all are taking social distancing very seriously with reduced capacity levels. NEW HOTEL PROCEDURES… Many hotel properties have revised their

Best US Travel Destinations by Category

Are you itching for a getaway? We won’t be able to travel internationally this summer and many of us are searching for the best places to vacation in the US. So I thought I’d share some of my favorite US destinations by category… GROWN UP GETAWAY… For a relaxing getaway with lots of pampering and spectacular outdoor activities check out this adult-only property in Arizona... Castle Hot Springs This enchanted desert oasis, located within the rugged Bradshaw Mountains of Arizona and an hour northwest of Phoenix, offers the most magical experiences, unparalleled hospitality, and 5-star dining — combined with adventure, natural beauty, and healing waters. Ancient thermal springs provide pools of


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