Risks of Planning Your Own Vacations

Are you thinking about planning your next vacation? Do you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel with endless internet searches when planning your vacations? There is certainly the right time to use an online booking engine, such as a short weekend getaway where you may only need a flight and hotel. However, if you are looking to plan a 2 week trip to Europe, for example, there are risks involved with planning your own vacation. IT MAY TAKE YOU 6 MONTHS TO PLAN… Do endless Google searches sound familiar? Is looking for each component of your trip (transportation, hotels, drivers, activities and excursions) taking you months and months of research? I have heard from clients that before working

5 Things to Know Before Booking Your Next Vacation

By now we are all eager to travel and enjoy a much needed vacation. For some, local trips this year have been a blessing, a way to unwind, relax, and step away from the craziness of 2020. But now perhaps you are thinking about planning your vacation for next year. I’m beginning to work with families to plan their vacations for 2021 and 2022. There are several things you need to ensure you have when planning your next big trip. COVID has definitely changed the world and made us realize our plans can change in an instant and everything can be out of our control. So I’m sharing with you below 5 essential things you will need to have when planning your next vacation. TRANSPARENT CANCELLATION POL

5 Must See Spots on the French Riviera

This week I’m taking you to my favorite spots on the French Riviera. So let’s forget about all the craziness in our world right now and let’s dream about some spectacular places for us to explore once we are ready... The French Riviera, “Côte d’Azur”, is one of the regions in the South of France. It is known for its glamorous coastline with luxurious yachts and the prettiest hilltop villages. The region can be explored by car or train but don’t miss out on a private boat for the day to admire the spectacular scenery from the water. Your captain will take you to coastal towns, tiny islands, and the best spots for swimming. VILLEFRANCHE-SUR-MER… Definitely my favorite of all the spots in this


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