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Best Destinations for Fall Travel

If you have vacationed anywhere in peak season (for most areas it’s June through August), you know it could mean very hot days, long lines, overcrowded cities, and you are usually paying peak prices.

How about taking a vacation in the Fall? It is my favorite time of year to travel, especially to Europe. Visiting Europe from September through November you will have better pricing, very pleasant weather, warm ocean temperatures (Sept/Oct), and you will have the best overall travel experience.

Below are some recommendations for the best destinations for Fall travel…

Beautiful Autumn Colors…

Piemonte, Italy - This region is known for sophisticated cuisine... the land of wine and truffles! The area is surrounded on three sides by the Alps, with the highest peaks and largest glaciers in Italy. Enjoy Piemonte’s hopelessly picturesque lakes and hills (of which there are far more per square mile than in Tuscany), the world-class vineyards, and incredible culinary delights.

Spa & Wellness Resorts in Tuscany - From its wine valleys and green hills to its beautiful coast, Tuscany feels ancient just as much as it feels alive and vibrant. And there are several incredible spa resorts in the region that will pamper you with thermal baths and massage treatments. After a long day visiting charming countryside villages, enjoying tastings at wineries, and being delighted the magnificent foliage this time of year, doesn’t an spa resort sound heavenly?

Fonteverde Lifestyle & Spa Resort, Tuscany
Fonteverde Lifestyle & Spa Resort, Tuscany

European City Escapes…

City escapes are magical in the Fall. Strolling the streets of Paris and enjoying a picnic at one of the spectacular city parks is so much more inviting with comfortable temperatures. Combine Paris and London or Vienna and Prague for perfect city escapes.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures…

Southern Spain and Morocco are both very special destinations, but summer temperatures soar to over 100 degrees. Visiting in the Fall offers warm and sunny days with slightly cooler nights.

Southern Spain – Enjoy sunny days and less crowds while visiting the beautiful cities of Sevilla, Granada, Cordoba, and even spending some time at the beach in Marbella. The region of Andalucía is a land of culture, history, and exquisite cuisine. You will experience UNESCO World Heritage sites, visit spectacular mosques and cathedrals, and enjoy the best flamenco shows in all of Spain.

Morocco – Fall is the perfect time to explore the cities, hike the mountains, and enjoy a spectacular night in the Sahara Desert. Morocco is an unbeatable destination where the landscapes are breathtaking. Beautiful ancient cities and sweeping deserts make for the vast contrast you will experience while visiting Morocco.

I hope I have inspired you to plan your vacation for the Fall. Which of these destinations caught your eye?

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