My name is Belkys, I am the owner and founder of Distinct Vacations. My passion is helping you create life's most treasured memories by designing handcrafted journeys filled with authentic and out-of-the ordinary experiences.

With over 20 years experience in Finance, I combine my love of travel with my analytical and organizational skills to approach vacation planning in a way not often found with other travel professionals. Your itineraries are designed with much attention to detail to create your dream vacation.

My goal is to create a flawless vacation experience for you, without you wasting time researching or on long lines while visiting the main attractions (and wondering if you're missing anything at your destination). Every single trip designed is unique because you deserve to travel your way, not on a pre-planned itinerary.

By continually immersing myself in learning about destinations, hotels, villas and everything travel, I am able to consult and make recommendations to ensure you are matched with the right destination and all the components of the trip are ideal for you. 

Distinct Vacations is not affiliated with any hotels, cruise lines or any other travel product. I strive for understanding your preferences and the travelers' interests in order to design the perfect itinerary for you. This results in you enjoying each vacation day as it unfolds and being transformed from your vacation experience.

Complete our Travel Planning Questionnaire, this will allow us to start learning about your travel preferences (all our itineraries are completely customized and tailored to you!), then we will schedule a consultation and you will have your personalized itinerary within a few days.


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