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Family vacations allow you to reconnect in ways not always possible at home where busy routines dominate our lives. Experiencing new things together will bring you closer and you may find activities you love to do as a family. We will work with you to understand the hobbies and activities your family enjoys and will help you find the perfect vacation destination. Below are some ideas...


There are few places in the world that can offer the incredible diversity offered by Costa Rica.  This small country in Central America is only 150 miles wide by 250 miles long and offers immense diversity in scenery, climate, natural wonders and adventure activities.


Costa Rica has a long rainy season from May to October. The best time to visit is between November and April.  The country will be more lush and beautiful in the months following the rainy season and dryer in March and April.



Costa Rica is paradise for the nature and adventure seeker…


  • Enjoy a private tour of Manuel Antonio National Park to learn about the wild life and plant species in this region

  • Take a surfing lesson - Costa Rica is well known for its beautiful surfing beaches

  • Get an adrenaline rush during a zip line adventure in the forest

  • Hike along the bottom of one of the most spectacular volcanoes in the world then come back and soak in one of the beautiful natural hot springs

  • Enjoy a thrilling whitewater rafting adventure

  • Take a horseback ride to a nearby waterfall

  • Learn all about the chocolate and coffee making process in Costa Rica with a hands-on activity


Splitting your time between two locations is the best way to experience the country. Enjoy the beautiful beaches and the spectacular Manuel Antonio National Park. Enjoy a thrilling zip line tour and a whitewater rafting adventure. In Arenal discover the magic of this majestic volcano. Ride horseback to a nearby waterfall. Hike around the volcano with your personal guide. Enjoy a hands-on demonstration of the chocolate and coffee making process in Costa Rica.


  • Hotel Accommodations for 7 nights including daily Breakfast

  • Christmas Eve Dinner

  • Private Transfers from / to Airport and between cities

  • Day Excursions:

    • Arenal Volcano Hiking Tour

    • Chocolate & Rafting Tour (includes lunch)

    • Waterfall Horseback Riding Tour

    • Tour of Manuel Antonio Park

    • Professional Photo Shoot

    • Canopy Tour


This European nation with more than 1,000 miles of Adriatic coastline offers an incredible diversity of experiences. Quaint Mediterranean towns, beautiful islands, national parks with spectacular waterfalls, 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, wine regions, and a fantastic culinary scene await you in Croatia.


Spring through Fall are the best times to visit. July and August are by far the busiest and warmest months.



So many amazing experiences await you in Croatia…


  • Visit a seaside walled city full of charm and history

  • Take a day trip to nearby Montenegro… a beautiful country with rugged mountains and medieval villages

  • Enjoy boating and swimming on Croatia’s spectacular islands

  • Visit wineries and olive groves, enjoy tastings and lunch in a vineyard

  • Visit one or more of Croatia’s 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

  • Hike at one of the country’s 11 natural parks with spectacular waterfalls and scenery

  • Spend the afternoon truffle hunting with a certified hunter and his dog then enjoy a truffle dinner at his farm


Begin your journey with several nights in Croatia’s magical walled city, Dubrovnik. Enjoy spectacular day trips from here then continue for a few nights to one of Croatia’s best known islands, Hvar. Tour the island, visit olive groves and vineyards, enjoy boating, swimming, and a Jeep Tour on a nearby island. Stop at Plitvice Lakes, one of Croatia’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, on the way to the northern Istrian Peninsula. This top culinary destination has spectacular hilltop villages, vineyards on rolling hills, and many culinary experiences such as wine tastings, truffle hunting and cooking classes.


  • Private Transfers from / to Airport

  • Catamaran Tickets Split -> Hvar and Hvar -> Split

  • Private Transfer from Dubrovnik to Split

  • Private Transfer from Split to Istria with Sightseeing Stop at Plitvice Lakes

  • Hotel Accommodations for 10 nights including Daily Breakfast

  • Day Excursions:

    • Dubrovnik Walking Tour

    • Day Trip to Montenegro

    • Explore Hvar with Winery Visit and Dinner

    • Private Boat / Jeep Tour to Island Vis

    • Explore Istria with Olive Grove Visit and Tastings

    • Truffle Hunt in Istria


Hawaii is like no other place in the world. There are six islands you can visit and each one is very unique, with its own personality, activities, and adventures. The spectacular scenery and scents will make you feel like you're in paradise. I promise you will fall in love with Hawaii’s natural beauty and overall vibe.


There is no bad time to visit Hawaii.  Due to its proximity to the equator, temperatures don’t change drastically throughout the year. In the summer months, highs are in the upper 80s and in the winter months as high as the low 80s. Flowers bloom year round, even in the winter!



Such diverse experiences in Hawaii…

  • Watch the lava flow from an active volcano

  • Swim at night with manta rays

  • Go on an off road ATV tour

  • Enjoy sunrise at the summit of an extinct volcano, then bike ride down

  • Snorkel with giant sea turtles

  • Visit spectacular black and red sand beaches

  • Go on a helicopter adventure to admire lush valleys, waterfalls, and a spectacular coast with towering cliffs and secluded beaches

  • For a bone chilling experience visit the historic site of Pearl Harbor


Begin your journey on the Big Island. Twice as large as the other islands combined, the Big Island has a smoldering volcano and active lava flows. It’s a wonderland of black sand beaches and towering snow-capped mountains. Take a short flight to the island of Maui. This is the most diverse island. Visit the summit of an extinct volcano and bike ride down, swim with giant sea turtles, or lounge at the beach all day. Spend your last several days on the island of Kauai. Hike, river kayak, take a helicopter ride, and a boat ride along the spectacular Napali Coast.


  • 17 Nights Hotel Accommodations

  • Rental Cars on each island

  • Activities:

    • ATV Tour

    • Helicopter Adventure on the Big Island

    • Night time Snorkel with Manta Rays

    • Snorkel at Molokini and Turtle Town (with lunch)

    • Sunrise Bike and Zip Tour

    • Luau

    • Na Pali Coast Snorkel Adventure

    • One Hour Photo Shoot

    • Helicopter Adventure on Kauai


Few countries in the world combine history, art, fashion, and food so effortlessly. There are sunny islands and electric blue surf, rolling vineyards, historical sites, and so many culinary delights. There is so much to experience in Italy that on your first trip you will be planning your return visit. All your transportation, accommodations, and activities are custom crafted based on your preferences and interests.


Spring through Fall are the best times to visit. July and August are by far the busiest and warmest months. In the winter many hotels, shops, and restaurants shut down in areas like the Amalfi Coast where boating and enjoying the spectacular sea views are the top attractions.



Italy does not lack in amazing unique experiences…


  • Visit vineyards in Tuscany and Piedmont, enjoy wine tastings and a private lunch

  • Shop at a market with a chef  in Florence to prepare for your cooking class where you’ll learn how to make local specialties

  • Spend a morning out with a truffle hunter and his dog, then taste the truffles during a private lunch at his farm

  • Learn the history of the Vatican and the Colosseum with your private guide

  • Indulge in a culinary walking tour in Rome where you will taste local cheeses, pizza, prosciutto, gelato, pastries, and wine

  • Hike along the spectacular Amalfi Coast

  • Enjoy a day out on a boat visiting the grottos along the Amalfi Coast then spend the afternoon on the island of Capri


Start with two nights in Venice where you will discover the magic of this city and its canals. Then continue to Florence where culinary experiences abound. Spend a day in Tuscany to enjoy vineyards and wine tastings, Visit a local market to prepare for your cooking class with a local chef. Visit historical sites in Rome with your private guide to get the most from your experience. Lastly, soak up the sun and spectacular views on the Amalfi Coast. Visit Pompeii, spend a Day out on a boat visiting the grottos and the stunning island of Capri, and enjoy the beauty of the small towns along the coast.


  • Hotel Accommodations for 13 nights including Breakfast

  • Private Transfers from / to Airport and Rail Stations

  • Train tickets from Venice to Florence

  • Train tickets from Florence to Rome

  • Train tickets from Rome to Naples

  • Day Excursions:

    • Venice Walking Tour

    • Private Gondola Ride

    • A day of Tuscany Vineyards, Wine Tastings, and Lunch

    • Cooking Class in Tuscany

    • Tour of the Vatican

    • Tour of Colosseum and Roman Forum

    • Rome Culinary Tour

    • Professional Photo Shoot

    • Tour of Pompeii

    • Boat / Capri Excursion

    • Driver for a day on the Amalfi Coast