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A Vacation in Portugal

Portugal has so much to offer… from charming cities, fascinating history, fresh seafood, spectacular wine regions, exotic castles and palaces, to luxurious seaside resorts.

Below are some highlights of this beautiful country…

Charming streets of Lisbon, Portugal

Charming Lisbon A little something for everyone in this charismatic city in Portugal. Lisbon is Portugal's seaside capital filled with interesting history, hilly narrow streets, nearby beaches, beautiful, tiled buildings, and all the luxury shops you expect to find in every major city. Ride the historic wooden trams up and down its hilly streets or hop on a culinary segway tour (I did this with my family and it wasn't for the faint of heart - the streets are busy and narrow but it was a ton of fun!).

Douro Valley, Portugal

The Wine Regions Portugal has several wine regions. The most popular being the Douro Valley. This is one of the most spectacular, and oldest, wine regions in the world. The Douro River flowing in between the hills of rolling vineyards, it's truly magical. A spa hotel nestled into the hills is the perfect home for exploring this region. Alentejo is another renowned wine region running from central to southern Portugal. We typically arrange for private visits to historic vineyards in these regions where you get to tour the property with one of the owners, enjoy tastings, and lunch.

Beautiful city of Porto, Portugal

Spectacular Porto Porto is a small city carved right into the Douro River. I had been dreaming about visiting Porto and it did not disappoint when I did. The scenery, vibe, excellent bars and restaurants make Porto a one-of-a-kind city. Stroll the hilly streets on your own or schedule a culinary walking tour where your guide will introduce you to delicious local Portuguese foods as you wander through the city.

The Food Portugal has some of the freshest seafood in the world. Two of our favorites while visiting (had these daily!), were grilled octopus and the Portuguese dessert 'pastei de nata'. These small custard tarts are typically served warm at every meal and are so delicious it became an addiction!

Magical Small Towns Aside from the well-known cities of Porto and Lisbon, there are some hidden treasures in Portugal. Sintra and Óbidos are two magical small towns we loved during our trip to Portugal. Sintra has so much history and several amazing palaces to tour. And Óbidos is an ancient walled city that transported me back in time. Spending a couple of nights there and strolling the streets and hilltop castle was truly special.

Beach in the Algarve, Portugal

The Beaches The spectacular coastline in southern Portugal is known for its beautiful beaches, rock formations, and luxurious seaside resorts. This area has caves that can only be reached via boat so a boat ride along the coast is a must.

Have you visited Portugal? Or will you add it to your bucket list?

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