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Most travelers either love cruising or strongly dislike it. But most of us grew up only knowing the main stream mega ships like Carnival and Royal Caribbean. These are the super huge ships carrying up to 5,000 passengers. They truly are floating amusement parks. For some families, it's the only way to travel as these ships entertain travelers of all ages, especially if you have children in different age groups. For me personally, I never enjoyed the large ships. I don't do well with large crowds or chaos. So when I started learning about small ocean ships, yachts, and river cruises it really peaked my interest. These are very different experiences from the large ships. Everything from the ports they can access, the service, the exquisite food (no midnight buffets on these), and overall experiences are very unique. Let's focus on the ocean...

Oceania in Australia

Small Ship Ocean Cruises - These ships treat travelers to a luxury cruising experience with smaller ships (most carry around 600 passengers), personalized service and excellent upscale dining options. Some are truly all-inclusive from meals and drinks to unlimited shore excursions all included in your cruise rate. Because they are smaller they can reach ports where the large ships can't dock and they stay in ports longer, sometimes even overnight. Experience the history, culture and cuisine of the exciting ports of call visited with knowledgeable local guides. Would you or someone you know love to cruise around the world? It only takes six months. These luxury cruise lines offer Around the World cruises! Contact me for more details on this once in a lifetime experience. Although the initial cost is higher than what you would pay on a mega ship, once you add shore excursions and beverages the cost is not that far off. Plus, some of these small ocean lines often include complimentary first class air.

Oceania Wine Tastings
Scenic Eclipse

Yacht Expedition Cruises - These expedition cruises are for those looking for adventure in an upscale environment with unparalleled service. The yachts carry from 60 to around 200 passengers, have all suite accommodations, and will take you to exotic bucket-list destinations. These luxury yachts also offer all inclusive pricing in the cruise rate - meals, drinks and shore excursions. The small size of these vessels take guests to the doorstep of some of the world's most exclusive shores to enjoy very unique experiences. Sail to Antarctica, the Mediterranean, the Arctic and Fjords, South America, Alaska, and Patagonia. These experiences will allow you to meet the local wildlife by venturing above and below to discover a whole new world. Explore your destinations via Zodiac, kayak, helicopters and even submarine! There are expedition cruises already available and another will be launching in August 2018 followed by a sister ship setting sail in 2019. Contact me today to start learning about these unique expedition cruises.

Scenic Eclipse

I hope I've inspired you to travel with some of these ideas. If you'd like help in planning your trips I would love to work with you. Complete our Travel Planning Questionnaire to get started.

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