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Algarve, Portugal

It's often a really difficult process for couples to decide on where to honeymoon. It may be your first big trip together or your tenth but it will be one of the most special and unforgettable trips of your lives. So how do you select this one destination that you will remember forever as being your special honeymoon spot? One of you may be thinking about lying on the beach for two weeks and the other may want to explore European cities. Use the 5 Step Process below to help you select your honeymoon destination...

  1. Brainstorm - you should each write down words on a piece of paper of things that come to mind for your honeymoon. For example... relaxation, big cities, quaint towns, islands, beach, adventure activities, etc... Then review and see if you have any ideas in common. If not, we can help you design a multi stop trip so you can both enjoy what you love to do!

  2. Must Haves - write a list of the must haves for accommodations. Are good views important to you? Do you need to have access to a gym? Do you prefer a large resort or a boutique hotel? Do you prefer to be in the center of it all or in a secluded location?

  3. Consider the time of year - not every destination has great weather year-round so the time of year you're getting married will also determine where you should travel.

  4. Distance - How long are you willing to travel? There are some spectacular destinations that may require 24 hours to get there.

  5. Budget - this is a once in a lifetime trip so you need to take a good look at your finances and see how much you can designate as your honeymoon budget. This should include the cost of international flights, local transportation, accommodations, activities / private guides.

Nayara Springs, Costa Rica

Do you need help planning your honeymoon? I would love to work with you. I will get to know your preferences, travel style, and interests before recommending a destination. Then we begin designing your handcrafted itinerary. Get started by completing our Travel Planning Questionnaire.

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