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New Zealand

You plan a vacation you've been dreaming about for quite some time and you think... why would I need travel insurance? You're young, healthy, and there is nothing that will make you cancel this trip. Think again... Once a client's itinerary is finalized I always send a proposal for travel insurance. It's not mandatory that they purchase it but highly recommended. Most people think travel insurance is only to to be used in case you want to cancel your trip (and no one ever wants to cancel their trip!). But there are so many unforeseen circumstances either before or during a trip that can result in a huge loss if you're not protected. Before the trip...

  • immediate family members can become ill

  • you can have an accident or get sick

  • your children can have a sports related injury

  • there could be a major terrorist attack at your destination

  • you lose your job

These are all possible situations where travel insurance will protect your investment.

Airfare is never refundable, hotels and cruise lines usually have cancellation policies where you can cancel only up to a certain number of days before your arrival. So in case of an unforeseen incident you stand to lose thousands of dollars. During the trip...

  • you get sick or have an accident and need medical attention at your destination or need to be flown home

  • a family member gets sick at home and you need to return earlier than planned

  • lost luggage

  • wallet / passport is stolen while traveling and you need assistance before you can fly home

Below is an example where travel insurance really helped a client... A bad fall in Costa Rica resulted in my client being flown in a helicopter to a hospital for ankle surgery. The insurance company not only covered the medical costs but also handled the purchase of extra airplane seats for my client to be able to elevate her legs. The insurance company also had ambulatory service waiting for her at the airport to take her home when back in the US. They provided excellent service which helped my client feel a little better during this unfortunate situation. One of the questions I always get is 'how about my credit card coverage?'. Most credit cards have some level of coverage when traveling but you need to check with them to verify the amounts: what is the amount of medical coverage? and are you comfortable with that level? if something were to happen, is there a number to call for them to assist and purchase additional plane seats or new tickets, etc.? I also never used to purchase travel insurance for my own trips thinking I would never need it. But so many unforeseen events can occur. It's worth it to have the peace of mind that your investment is protected in the event something does go wrong.

Consider the total cost of travel – flights, hotels, ground transport, tours, activities plus the value of your luggage. Then consider the small cost to cover investment from the unexpected.

I hope this was helpful in learning more about the benefits of travel insurance. For your next trip, make sure you know your options and protect your investment!

If you're interested in learning more about how I can help plan your next vacation... complete our Travel Planning Questionnaire to get started.

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