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Vacation in Iceland

For many this is at the top of their bucket list... experiencing the Northern Lights. But the lights are only visible from very specific places. And, yes, you need to take a winter vacation. Most of us, unless we're skiers, love to plan vacations to warm weather destinations. But here is the best news... you don't need to be a skier to have an amazing winter vacation and enjoy some really exciting activities. Traveling to Iceland in the summer is most common but you need to know that it's still not super warm even during summer months (average high in the 50s). You'll still need to layer and take some jackets and scarves. So how about a winter vacation to Iceland? Explore nature's beauty in this spectacular country.

Below are some super unique winter activities you'll love!

PAMPER YOURSELF AT THE BLUE LAGOON... not only is it an amazing experience to pamper yourself here but there are also many health benefits. The Blue Lagoon is a natural geothermal spa surrounded by lava fields. The mineral-rich waters of Iceland's hot springs enhance and protect the skin in many ways: sooth acne, offer anti-aging properties, and heal psoriasis, among other health benefits.

Northern Lights, Iceland

HUNT FOR THE NORTHERN LIGHTS... The lights are the visual result of solar particles entering the earth’s magnetic field at high atmosphere, and ionizing. Their intensity depends on the activity of the sun, and the acceleration speed of these particles.

They appear as dancing lights high in the sky and vary in color, usually being green, but occasionally also purple, red, pink, orange and blue. Their colors depend on the elements being ionized.

The Northern Lights in Iceland are visible during the winter months, from late August to April. Our guides are on stand-by to take you out hunting for the lights based on the best conditions to make the lights visible.

SNOWMOBILE ON A GLACIER... Enjoy a private Golden Circle tour and snowmobile on one of Iceland's largest glaciers. Visit a National Park, hot springs and waterfalls. Then hop on a monster truck and head over to the glacier for your snowmobile adventure.

EXPLORE ICELAND'S SOUTH COAST... This is one of the country's most scenic regions with stunning black beaches, rich birdlife and gorgeous waterfalls. One of the highlights is a unique waterfall in the river Seljalandsá. It is around 200 feet high with a foot path behind it at the bottom of the cliff. It is the only known waterfall of its kind in Iceland, where it is possible to walk behind it.

GO HORSEBACK RIDING... The Icelandic horse has a very individual character. It is patient, adaptable, uncomplicated and sometimes very spirited, it has a friendly personality and a special affinity for people. Bred as a riding and working horse for the Icelandic farmer makes it an excellent family horse. Your leisurely ride is on fairly broad tracks with views over volcanoes and glaciers.

A trip to Iceland in the winter will have you experiencing the incredible nature in this beautiful country while enjoying some amazing winter activities.

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