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If you have teenagers you know they are not the easiest to please. Often times I hear from friends and clients that their teenagers are just not excited about vacationing and exploring the incredible world around us.

You may share some interests with your teenagers but they usually prefer to talk to their friends and constantly be on their phones. So how do you get them excited for a family vacation (one where your teenagers may not even have access to their phones all day – this may sound like torture to them)?

Here are several ways to get your teenagers excited about taking a family trip…

  • GET THEM INVOLVED IN THE PLANNING… Talk to them about destinations they may be interested in visiting. Look at a world map and talk about everyone’s wish list of what places they would like to see. Kids know more these days about countries around the world than we ever did at their age.

  • PLAN FUN ACTIVITIES… Once you decide on your destination you can incorporate fun excursions. Instead of touring a city on foot or in a vehicle perhaps your teenagers would enjoy a Segway tour (they are super fun!), or a tour on a Vespa. If they are soccer fans there are plenty of soccer stadiums to tour all over Europe. Or better yet, go see a match of their favorite team! So whether they love sports, art, music, or fashion… we can incorporate unique experiences they will love.

  • PICK THE RIGHT TIME… Travel during a time that does not interfere with their school sports / try-outs, etc. Otherwise, your kids will not be happy about missing out on these important activities. Sometimes you may only have a 2 week period every year that works for the family. Learn about their schedules early on so you can plan accordingly.

  • DO NOT OVER SCHEDULE… An itinerary where you have activities planned every minute of each day is not going to be fun for anyone. I always ensure clients’ itineraries have some pre-scheduled activities while also leaving plenty of time at leisure. And, make sure you allow time for meals at adequate times. In my family we all get very cranky when we’re hungry!

  • DAYS AT LEISURE… On days at leisure when you don’t have any planned activities, ask your kids what they would like to do. Perhaps venture out to a great lunch spot, or hang out at the pool. Hotels with rooftop pools are a huge hit for teenagers. It’s a great way to relax after a long day of sightseeing or to enjoy on days when you don’t have any plans.

Now, go get your teenagers excited about planning a vacation. Whether it’s over Christmas break, spring break, or summer vacation. I’m sure you’ll find a window that works for the family.

Soon they will be off to college, then onto their jobs and starting their own families. Now is the time to create the most amazing family memories.

Traveling together will allow you to reconnect with your family in ways not always possible at home where busy routines dominate your lives. One of the best things about traveling together is the memories you will have to be cherished for a lifetime.

I would be honored to help plan your family vacation. Contact me for your complimentary consultation to get started.

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