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COVID-19 Travel Update

Sicily, Italy

It’s a fast changing world… since early March I have seen a multitude of policy changes for every single travel company… from changes in cancellation policies, schedules, to cleaning protocols, and the list goes on.

I’m happy to be part of a network that keeps me up to date on the rapidly changing travel policies. Below I’m touching on the main areas, what the current policies are, and things you should look out for when planning a trip for the near future.

DOMESTIC TRAVEL… Many states have a 2 week quarantine requirement depending on which states you are traveling to / from. Please check the states’ policies before planning a trip. And, ensure any reservations are fully refundable as these state requirements are changing rapidly.

INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL… The European Union implemented a ban on travelers from the United States until further notice. This will be re-evaluated every 2 weeks and may change when positive trends are shown in the number of new daily COVID-19 cases. Several other countries also have bans on travelers from the US.

FLIGHTS… Schedules are constantly changing since there is less demand than ever. So you may think you have a nonstop flight and that may change to having a long layover. Also, and this is so important, don’t expect to have empty seats around you. Very few airlines are eliminating middle row seating and that can change anytime for those that instituted the policy. If you decide to fly in the near future, you’ll need to feel comfortable with people sitting all around you – no social distancing on airplanes!

HOTELS… They are beginning to re-open around the world and have spent the past few months re-vamping their processes and cleaning protocols. Hotels have instituted new cleaning technologies such as sprayers that allow for touchless disinfecting capabilities, hand sanitizing stations, touchless procedures for check-in / check-out, accessing rooms, and making requests such as room service. These touchless services can be accessed on your smart phone for many hotels.

CRUISES… Global sailings have been suspended until late summer or early fall (depending on the cruise line). This applies to both ocean and river cruise lines around the world.

There's an endless myriad of constantly changing information out there — rules, regulations, policies, and protocols. Now, more than ever, it’s smart to work with a travel advisor. We advocate for you and have the information and contacts to keep you informed and ensure your vacations are flawless. For more on benefits of working with a travel advisor see my previous blog.

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