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How to Prepare for Your Post COVID Vacation

Woman in a private pool with spectacular view from Santorini, Greece.

Thoughts of traveling may seem overwhelming after the long break this year. Many of us are thinking… When can we travel? Where should we go? Will we feel safe around crowds? I can’t give you the answer as to when but I can help you start thinking about where you may want to go, how you’d like to travel and how to plan ahead and have a budget in place.

Here's the thing... once those travel gates open you need to be ready to book that trip because millions of other travelers will also be ready and eager to continue exploring the world!


There are so many places to experience around the world and I can help match you to the right destination (it’s one of my favorite things to do). But here are some general things to consider and some types of vacations to consider: Beach vacation, European adventure, Nature trip.

What type of trip will you need next year? For some, relaxing on a beach is what will bring them joy, for others the need to explore will be fulfilled by a European adventure, or perhaps to be one with nature exploring rainforests and enjoying adventure activities. Whatever your dream trip is for next year we can make it happen.


This will be key for many! Will you feel comfortable on a shared tour or a cruise ship? Not to worry because all our trips are private and highly personalized. You will have private drivers and guides to help make your vacation incredibly memorable. Their local services not only include taking you the most special places but will ensure you’re not traveling in a group. All services will be tailored to you and your traveling party. Visit main sites on off hours to avoid the crowds or spend your time in the countryside – there are so many spectacular places to experience besides the touristy attractions.


Ensuring you have the right budget is key. There are many components to a trip and some are often overlooked, leaving you with unexpected expenses. Besides your hotels and flights, here are other items that add up quickly:

Transportation during your trip such as getting from city to city or simply moving around within places you’re visiting.

Activities are a big component because you’re not traveling to just sit in your hotel room, you will want to do and see things. These unique experiences are what will make your trip incredibly memorable – a private cooking class in a chef's home, a bike ride through the vineyards or a private boat for the day – these costs will add up so make sure to factor that into your budget.

Lastly, these are the costs that aren’t as fun to think about – travel insurance, renewing passports, visas, vaccinations, etc.. Don’t forget to budget for these as well!

The excitement and happy feelings from a vacation start the minute you start planning until well beyond the time you return. The benefits of planning just one trip a year could last a good 8 to 10 months. That is an incredible return on investment! Now start thinking about the type of experience you want to look forward to once our world recovers from the pandemic. If you'd like to brainstorm with me I'd be honored to help. Email me to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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Working with Distinct Vacations in reserving at any of our preferred properties, you may have access to flexible cancellation policies and special amenities (such as a spa credit, complimentary breakfast, and room upgrades).


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