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Why Work with a Travel Advisor to Plan your Luxury Vacation

Family enjoying the spectacular view in Porto, Portugal

In early 2020 when the world started shutting down, many travelers were left scrambling. If you had a vacation planned and worked with a Travel Advisor you most certainly know the value of someone advocating for you and taking care of every detail. But if you are not familiar with the amazing benefits of working with a travel expert, read on…

Our Brand Promise:

At Distinct Vacations we design custom luxury vacations for families to create life’s most treasured memories. The curated process is seamless and stress free from the planning stages until you return home.

What we promise to deliver clients with every trip: Our goal is to get to know each traveler, their passions, interests, and hobbies. This knowledge sparks our creativity to recommend the perfect destination, accommodations, and activities. We are not affiliated with hotels, tour guides, or any other travel product. Our ultimate goal is to design a handcrafted itinerary that feels perfect for the travelers and for the vision for each trip.

We strive to save you time researching and investing in the wrong people and places. Distinct Vacations will always create an authentic tailor-made experience, that is sure to hold magical memories for a lifetime.

What transformation do clients achieve after working with Distinct Vacations:

Clients enjoy each vacation day as it unfolds and are transformed from their vacation experience. Here are a few quotes from client testimonials…

  • “Before Belkys we spent hours agonizing over vacation destinations, activities, and logistics. It was super time-consuming and though we always had fun we didn’t know what we were missing until we experienced our first truly Distinct Vacation.”

  • “We felt like VIPs from the minute we landed and were greeted by our private guide in Venice.”

  • “Cannot speak enough about how professional & elegant were all of the arrangements you championed for us; from the itineraries to the perfectly timed transfers, the stylish boutique hotels & restaurants to the world class guided tours.”

What sets Distinct Vacations apart and why should you choose us: Attention to detail and the analytical skills gained from over 20 years in Corporate Finance allow me to approach vacation planning in a way not often found with other travel professionals. Your itineraries are designed with much attention to detail to create your dream custom vacation.

Plus, I take pride in partnering with in-country travel suppliers who offer out-of-the-ordinary (non-Googleable), local experiences with premium service throughout your vacation.

Allow us to design your personalized itinerary and be your advocate from the moment you start planning to the moment you arrive home. Email me to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Working with Distinct Vacations in reserving at any of our preferred properties, you may have access to flexible cancellation policies and special amenities (such as a spa credit, complimentary breakfast, and room upgrades).

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