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During my recent trip to Greece I visited over 10 hotel properties and I realized, more than ever, the importance of being matched to the right destination and accommodations… is the destination right for you? is the hotel location right for you? do you want to be within walking distance to town or on a beach? or do you prefer an adult-only property? There are so many important details in creating a handcrafted trip, one that is perfect for you!

The initial consultation with clients is the most valuable 30 minutes in the trip design process. This is where I get to learn about you! What are your general interests, hobbies, style? What types of things are important to you when you travel? After gathering all this valuable information is when I get to work on matching you to the right destination and accommodations.

Sometimes a client wants to visit a country or region but after our meeting we realize that’s really not the right destination for this trip. And every hotel property has its unique vibe. The family of hotels I visited in Mykonos is comprised of 10 different hotel and villa properties. And, every single one had a different vibe, décor, and overall feeling. Some were very trendy and funky, others had more of a chic boutique ambience, while others were perfect for families as they offer villas with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.

See slideshow below for spectacular images of some of these hotels and the unique vibe they offer...

The location is also super important. Do you prefer to be on a beach or within walking distance to town? Are views important? There is so much to take into account when matching clients to the right destinations and hotels. The ideal match will have you feeling like the trip was handcrafted for you and your family.

The value from a custom handcrafted vacation is priceless because you’re not traveling on a pre-arranged itinerary with pre-selected hotels. No two itineraries we prepare are ever identical because no two families ever are. We are all unique and so should our vacations!

Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation to begin planning your handcrafted itinerary. I would be honored to help plan your trip!

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