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Venice, Italy

Have you ever planned a milestone birthday, graduation or anniversary party? Then after endless hours of planning and thousands of dollars later, it's all over in 4 hours! More and more families are shying away from planning parties and instead taking trips to celebrate milestone birthdays, anniversaries and graduations.

It's your daughter's SWEET 16... ask her where she would like to go on vacation to celebrate! The festivities will last a week or two and the entire family will enjoy it while creating lifetime memories together. A HIGH SCHOOL OR COLLEGE GRADUATION... The opportunity to travel for this celebration is so important as this could be the last time you will all be able to take a trip together without conflicting school or work schedules.

Popular destinations for these trips include a Mediterranean cruise, a vacation in Italy, Croatia, France, Spain, or Greece. These destinations offer so many wonderful attractions for families, and you will all be happy to enjoy the celebration for weeks instead of hours.

MILESTONE BIRTHDAYS are another popular choice for family vacations. A multi-generational trip where the grandparents get to spend precious time with their children and grandchildren is an unforgettable way to celebrate. You can choose to stay at a resort or rent a villa with a private pool and have plenty of common areas to bond, play family board games, and create treasured memories. ANNIVERSARIES... are you celebrating a milestone anniversary soon? There is no better way to celebrate than to get away with your other half. You will re-connect in ways not always possible with the day-to-day demands. I work with you to learn about your preferences and interests to suggest the ideal destinations. Traveling will fulfill your heart and soul. And the memories created on these trips will be cherished for a lifetime.

Contact me for your complimentary consultation to begin planning your celebratory trip!

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