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FAQs on Traveling Post COVID-19

Santorini, Greece

With so much uncertainty about traveling post COVID-19, there have been lots of questions from clients. Below I compiled a list of FAQs and my recommendations and thoughts on each. Although we may not have concrete answers to many of them I will base mine on my experience and personal opinion.

I hope these are helpful if you’re thinking about traveling or currently have vacation plans…

Should I be planning a vacation for 2020?

First thing is… travel restrictions need to be lifted. And it is very difficult to predict where and when it will be safe to travel again this year. It’s also important to keep in mind that flying in the near future requires passengers to wear face masks for the duration of the flight and many countries will also require face masks to be worn in public places.

Deciding to travel once restrictions are lifted really depends on your risk tolerance. My personal opinion is I don’t feel comfortable planning new trips for clients to travel this year, not until we know more and travel restrictions are lifted.

If I book a vacation and can’t travel, will a travel insurance policy cover non-refundable costs?

No! A pandemic is not a covered reason under any travel insurance policy. So you can’t rely on being reimbursed for non-refundable costs from an insurance policy if cancelling as a result of COVID-19.

What should I do if I have a vacation planned for late Summer or Fall 2020?

The best thing to do is wait! The main reason for this is if the airline cancels your flights you’re more likely to receive a full refund. Although some airlines are only offering credit vouchers even if they are cancelling the flights. As far as your other services (transportation, day excursions, hotels, etc.), my supplier partners are following local laws which require them to offer a credit in full to be applied to a future trip.

How early should I begin planning a trip for 2021?

Flight schedules become available 11 months prior to travel dates. That is always a good time to start planning. Most travelers who cancelled their plans for this year have postponed to next year. So I envision many early bookings and many dates being quickly sold out throughout next summer.

Will it be safe to travel on ocean cruises or group tours?

Knowing about all the mega cruise ships stuck at sea during this Pandemic I personally would not feel comfortable taking an ocean cruise and being on a ship with thousands of people. There are so many other ways to travel!

As far as group tours, again it’s based on your risk tolerance. Will you feel comfortable on a bus with a group of 30 or more passengers? You have the option of our private custom tours which are designed around your preferences and always include private transportation and private day excursions.

I would be honored to brainstorm with you and match you to the best destination for your 2021 vacation. Email me to schedule your complimentary consultation. We’re all going to need an amazing vacation to look forward to next year!

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