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5 Best Travel Tips - 2022

Travel is definitely back and with that comes a crazy summer of flight delays and cancellations, understaffed airports, crowds, and high prices. All this makes it a bit more difficult to travel these days.

Below are 5 tips that can make your vacation go smoother…

Place an Apple AirTag in Your Suitcase Due to the understaffed situation at airports, many have had lost luggage this year. And in some cases the airline tells you it stayed at your departure city but the AirTag is showing it is at the airport where you are currently. So, this does not prevent your luggage from being misplaced but it could help you find it sooner. (There are other brands for non-Apple users).

What to Never Check-in Never check-in anything you can’t live without at your destination. It takes at least a day for delayed luggage to arrive at your hotel. Your carry on should include all your valuables... such as jewelry, chargers, eyeglasses, contact lenses, medication.

Always Carry-on one Outfit

If your luggage is delayed you will be grateful to have one outfit and clean undergarments to change into when arriving at your destination. Your luggage may come the next day or you can go shopping but having that extra set of clothes with you is key these days.

Try to Take a Nonstop Flight

So many travelers have had missed connections this year. Flight delays are almost guaranteed and if you have a short connection time you will miss your next flight. If you can opt for nonstop flights that will be your best option, even if upon arrival you have a car transfer of a couple of hours – I promise it will be worth it! And, if you must have a connecting flight, try to have at least a 3-hour layover.

Take a Picture of your Passport Lost or stolen passports are always a possibility. The only way to get home when this happens is to visit a US embassy or consulate office at your destination. They will be able to issue a new passport, but it will be a faster process if you can present an image of your lost passport.

Taking these precautions will not prevent unforeseen circumstances during your vacation but it helps to be prepared if they occur.

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