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5 Things to Know Before Booking Your Next Vacation

Hotel in Tuscany with a beautiful spa and surrounded by vineyards.

By now we are all eager to travel and enjoy a much needed vacation. For some, local trips this year have been a blessing, a way to unwind, relax, and step away from the craziness of 2020. But now perhaps you are thinking about planning your vacation for next year.

I’m beginning to work with families to plan their vacations for 2021 and 2022. There are several things you need to ensure you have when planning your next big trip.

COVID has definitely changed the world and made us realize our plans can change in an instant and everything can be out of our control. So I’m sharing with you below 5 essential things you will need to have when planning your next vacation.


Since we now know how quickly our plans can change it is critical to have a cancellation policy that is clear and flexible. Since March my clients were forced to cancel their trips. I worked very long hours cancelling every component of their trips and successfully obtaining credits or refunds. It is key to plan knowing you will not lose any of your payments should you need to postpone your vacation due to a pandemic or any other unforeseen event.


Don’t leave planning your vacation to a search engine. Vacation time is precious so you want to make sure your journey is designed just for you. Travel Designers, like me, have your interests as our top priority. And you will always be able to reach us unlike an online booking engine. I partner with a local travel company in each country. These are the drivers and guides that will take care of you from the minute you arrive at the airport until your return flight home. Also, our preferred hotels have been vetted to cater to our clients and have revamped their processes and cleaning protocols.


Are you concerned about privacy and safety for your next vacation? A customized private tour gives you just that. You will have private drivers and guides for your transportation and day excursions (which are fully customized to your family). You may even be able to visit main sites at off hours before the crowds! We also love to recommend visiting destinations that off-the-beaten-path for the most authentic experiences.


This has always been an important component of planning a trip but now more than ever. For example, travel insurance will cover medical expenses if needed at your destination, and will also cover an early flight home, or an extended stay. Insurance policies are cumbersome but we can connect you to our preferred travel insurance company to review details or answer any questions.


The local travel companies with which I partner are there for you 24 hours a day. They will answer any questions or assist you with unforeseen circumstances while traveling. Their premium service and attention to detail will make your vacation incredibly memorable and carefree.

Are you thinking about planning your next vacation but are feeling overwhelmed and wondering if everyone in your family will enjoy the experience?

Contact me to schedule your complimentary consultation to get started. Our detailed process in getting to know you and designing your custom itinerary will ensure your family will create the most treasured vacation memories.

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Working with Distinct Vacations in reserving at any of our preferred properties, you may have access to flexible cancellation policies and special amenities (such as a spa credit, complimentary breakfast, and room upgrades).


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