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France… The Best Regions to Add to a Paris Trip

France is a country of romantic cities, exquisite food and wine, beautiful castles, fascinating history, and so much more. Often times, travelers are drawn only to Paris. It is a fabulous city (and one I highly recommend), but also a great one to combine with other regions of France.

Below I’m sharing 3 spectacular regions that are easy to combine with a trip to Paris. From castles, olive groves, vineyards, and charming medieval towns, to yachts, hilltop towns, and glitz and glamour. I am sure one of these regions will be a great match for your next vacation in France.

Château Chenonceau in the Loire Valley, France

Loire Valley

Distance from Paris – approx. 2 hours by car or 1.5 hours by train

Discover a region famous for its fairytale castles, lovely wines and natural beauty. The Loire Valley has over 300 castles, vineyards, sunflower fields, and charming medieval towns. These castles are rich in renaissance architecture. It is truly a magical place to visit. Some castles have been turned into hotels, a fabulous option for staying here for a few days! Otherwise, visiting a couple of castles and a winery is doable on a day trip from Paris.

Lavender fields in Provence, France


Distance from Paris – 2.5 hours by train

Have you seen the fabulous images of lavender fields in France? This is where you’ll find them! All summer, visitors from around the world come visit and capture the most incredible images of these spectacular fields. Explore charming French villages with narrow streets that lead to small squares of fountains. Visit local markets, go for olive oil tastings (the region is known for its olive trees), visit wineries, experience Roman ruins, castles, and a papal palace… that is Provence.

Lunch at Il Saint Honorat, French Riviera

French Riviera

Distance from Paris – 1.5 hour flight to Nice

“Côte d'Azur"… a glamorous coastline with luxurious yachts and charming hilltop towns best describes this area. Popular towns like Nice, Cannes, and St. Tropez are in the French Riviera but you can also easily visit Monaco, Monte Carlo, and other lesser-known towns that are full of charm and history. One of my favorites is Villefranche-Sur-Mer. This lovely seaside town has amazing restaurants and the most charming coastline. Hilltop medieval towns in the French Riviera are also a must for a visit or consider staying for a few nights of relaxation and the most spectacular views. For the art lover, the French Riviera has its share of museums, some dedicated to Picasso and Napoleon.

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