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Images of Buenos Aires

Argentina’s capital is a cosmopolitan city filled with grand boulevards, a hotspot for the arts, excellent food, wine, music, and dancing.

During my time there last week I was able to get a taste for the city, learn about its different neighborhoods (some edgier than others), local customs, foods, and learn about the wonderful wine regions of Argentina.

In this Blog I am including highlights of the city and letting the images speak for themselves.

Buenos Aires is a very diverse city with 48 neighborhoods. Each with its own set of characteristics. Some have lively streets lined with bars and boutiques along with passages filled with street art. Others are more residential and have a European feel with lavish homes and posh hotels.

I did not expect to see all the green spaces in the city and the abundance of spectacular parks

Experiencing a Tango show and learning about this beautiful dance have inspired me to take tango lessons at home…

Buenos Aires is all about the steak - local foods include the ‘asado’ which is a day of grilling delicious meats and vegetables, empanadas, and the many local wines, mostly Malbecs…

Visit one of the most beautiful book stores in the world that was once a theater…

Beautiful book store in Buenos Aires - el Ateneo Grand Splendid.

Visiting the countryside just outside the city was a special day. Watching the gauchos (Argentinean cowboys), in their environment and learning about the local artisans was magical…

One of the biggest surprises to me was the cemeteries in the city. I visited two of them (a first for me while traveling). They felt like beautiful parks instead of cemeteries. Extravagant mausoleums in different architectural styles were built for each family. The above ground graves are designed with with elaborately carved scroll-work and stately pillars.

I hope this gives you a bit of insight into the spectacular city of Buenos Aires. Stay tuned for upcoming Blogs with more on Argentina and other neighboring countries in South America.

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