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Porto, Portugal

The cost of vacations can add up quickly. Factor in the cost of international air, all transportation at your destination, accommodations, day excursions, and all your meals. Below are the three best ways to save on your vacations while still enjoying luxury accommodations and experiences.

  1. Use Credit Card Points for International Air - Credit cards that offer points to use for travel are a must. If you use the same credit card for every single item you purchase you will quickly have enough points to cover airfare for your vacations. I've tried several credit cards and my favorite is Capital One. At the time I purchase airfare, I use the points against that charge. We also have different accounts (business and personal), and it's super simple to transfer points between accounts to be applied to your travel.

  2. Stay in an Apartment or Villa - The cost of renting a great villa or apartment in a centralized location is not necessarily less expensive than a hotel. But, you can save on the cost of food by having a full kitchen. I don't like to cook every day on vacation, however, it is cost effective plus convenient to have breakfast in your villa or apartment every morning. It's also much easier to keep snacks to take throughout the day. And for those times when you need a midnight snack!

  3. Travel at Off-Peak Times - This may be easier said than done, especially for those of us that need to follow the school vacation calendar. But traveling during off peak times can save you thousands. Even if traveling during the holidays or the summer, shifting departure and / or arrival dates slightly can result in significant savings. I always search for the least expensive days to fly and nearby airport for my clients. Recently working with a client flying Business Class to Italy, I saved her over $4k by changing her family's departure date by just 3 days.

Traveling is not inexpensive but keeping these things in mind can save you thousands on your trips. And those savings can be put towards really special experiences such as a private guide, cooking class, or a boat trip at your destination.

Are you overwhelmed with planning your vacations? Let's connect! I would love to help you. Complete our Travel Planning Questionnaire to get started. Then we'll schedule a complimentary consultation to review your preferences and options before starting the design of your handcrafted itinerary.

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