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Did you know that Croatia has over 1,000 islands? This tiny country has so many hidden gems... Spectacular islands, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Michelin-starred restaurants and so much more! During my recent trip I had the opportunity to visit 3 of Croatia's main islands. I absolutely loved each one with its unique history and culinary treasures. The islands are very mountainous with the beautiful Adriatic Sea surrounding them. I loved the landscape of vineyards, olive groves, and lavender fields on the rolling hills.

Korcula, Croatia


We arrived by boat, for a quick lunch stop on our way from Dubrovnik to Hvar. On our next trip to Croatia we will definitely spend a few nights here as there is so much to explore. The island of Korcula is 20 miles long and very lush and green, covered with vineyards and olive groves. It is not as popular as some other Croatian islands so that means less crowds, no large resorts, and it's a pleasure to explore its quaint medieval villages and squares. In the Old Town there is a spectacular waterfront lined with beautiful restaurants. We had one of our favorite meals of the entire two week trip while visiting Korcula.

Hvar, Croatia


Hvar is known as the party island in Croatia. The lively harbor and Old Town are spectacular. I also loved exploring the interior parts of the island and fell in love with the lavender fields! One of the best memories of our trip was dinner in a restaurant located in an abandoned village. It was quite an experience to see the beautiful but abandoned stone buildings then arriving at this secluded location and having dinner with this magnificent view.

Island Vis, Croatia

Island Vis...

A day trip to Island Vis will have you discovering stunning bays for swimming and learning about the island's history. Until recently, Island Vis was a Yugoslav military base. Our Jeep Tour took us throughout the island and into hidden military tunnels both underground and on the water (for ships and submarines). Island Vis was the set for the movie just released, Mama Mia! Here We Go Again. I can't wait to watch!

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