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We often think of Europe only for its large cities… Paris, London, etc. But there are some lesser known areas that offer the unique history of Europe along with water activities, the most beautiful ocean, and charming villages. The islands below offer such diverse experiences. I hope you find the one that’s a match for you!

The Azores


One of the best sentences that describe the Azores is: One Location, Nine Unique Worlds. The nine islands of the Azores represent Europe’s westernmost point. Each of the islands has its own specific landscape and character. São Miguel, the largest island is renowned for its flowers and green landscapes, its large scenic lakes and a vibrant city. These islands offer UNESCO World Heritage Sites, spectacular marinas, mountains, vineyards, fishing villages, geothermal pools, and flower fields. The Azores are Portugal’s best kept secret and are now more accessible from the US than ever before. So visit before these islands are discovered!


This pearl of the Mediterranean is a mini continent on its own - boasting spectacular beaches, cities, mountains, castles, and even golf courses. Mallorca is located off of the East coast of Spain. It is a special getaway for families or couples. Luxury hotels, theme parks, spas, wineries, hilltop villages, and first class restaurants are sure to please even the most discerning traveler.



Are you yearning for a spectacular Mediterranean island without the crowds? Imagine glittering blue waters coupled with historic European cities. Malta, just south of Sicily, might be the ideal destination for you! Malta is a trio of Mediterranean islands with numerous bays along the coastline. Inland, these islands offer temples, fortified cities and other unique monuments. Indulge in gourmet food, the clearest waters, and the most charming European towns – you will love a vacation in Malta!


This island's beauty is the iconic image of Greece. The dramatic scenery of whitewashed buildings on the hillsides with spectacular views of the Mediterranean is what keeps drawing so many visitors every year. Santorini is known for its quaint cobbled alleys, white cubic buildings, chic boutique hotels with infinity pools, gourmet restaurants and unforgettable sunsets. No trip to Greece is complete without experiencing Santorini.



The largest island on the Mediterranean feels like a completely different world from the rest of Italy. Sicily has some of the most spectacular nature Italy has to offer: miles and miles of vineyards, endless olive groves, rugged mountains and volcanoes, all against the backdrop of a deep blue sea. Indulge in its spectacular waters on a private boat, visit wineries, hike its mountains, or go out for a horseback ride on the beach. Sicily has a ton of history dating back to Greek and Roman settlements. These cultural riches continue to be one of Sicily’s most unique attractions.

So, which of these amazing European islands would you like to explore this year?

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