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I sometimes hear from potential clients that they booked their air with points or miles so they decided not to bother me to plan the rest of their trip. They are completely missing out. Because the real magic of working with me is most certainly not booking your air!

You see, I have no control over airline schedules or their level of service. However, I do have complete control over with whom I partner as the service providers at your destinations.

So here is where the real magic happens...

You will have a COMPLETELY FLAWLESS EXPERIENCE from the time you arrive at your destination. The service providers with whom I partner have been vetted and offer top-notch service to my clients. You will have the most reputable and knowledgeable guides, drivers and boutique hotels catering to you throughout your trip.

Plus getting to know you and MATCHING YOU with the perfect destinations, accommodations and unique experiences is part of the magic of working with me. Many times travelers visit destinations that are not really what they had imagined or the hotel where they stay is not the right match for them. The beauty of working with a travel expert is ensuring your VACATION DOLLARS ARE WELL SPENT. And you will return feeling your investment was worth every penny.

So there you have it… the real magic of working with me is the design process for the land portion of your trip. All the components in your itinerary are hand selected to ensure your precious vacation time is spent enjoying the things you love most – whether you love art, music, beaches, wine, or history, we work for you and design each trip around your interests and preferences.

I would be honored to help plan your next vacation. Complete our Travel Planning Questionnaire to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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