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It’s a new year… a time for new goals and making plans to achieve them. It’s a time for planning special moments and unforgettable vacation memories.

So where do you go to create these treasured memories? Vacation days are precious so selecting the best destination becomes super important and sometimes challenging.

Below I share with you 5 destination ideas for 2020, each one offers unique and magical experiences.

CROATIA… This small country on the Adriatic Sea became popular several years ago. However, still so many have not experienced Croatia. With more than 1,000 miles of Adriatic coastline, Croatia offers an incredible diversity of experiences. Quaint Mediterranean towns, stunning islands, national parks with spectacular waterfalls, 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, wine regions, and a fantastic culinary scene await you.

The islands are full of surprises… wineries, lavender fields, and a restaurant in an abandoned city of stone houses where you will enjoy the loveliest meal. And there’s so much to explore on the mainland, from ancient walled cities to the most spectacular parks and charming coastal towns. Croatia is an incredible destination that should be on your list of places to visit.

Zakynthos, Greece

GREECE… This spectacular country on the Mediterranean has always been a popular destination. The famous (and breathtaking) islands of Mykonos and Santorini are usually the most visited but there are so many other islands and cities to consider.

The mainland has some incredible regions that are less crowded, less touristy, and offer an authentic Greek experience. The mountains with lovely seaside towns are a great option. Or explore off-the-beaten path islands… some are quiet and romantic with the most spectacular beaches and rock formations, others are larger with many different areas to explore including magnificent hiking opportunities.

No matter where you visit, you will fall in love with Greece, its people, its food, and the magic of the Mediterranean Sea.

Florence, Italy

ITALY… I can’t compile a list of places to travel in 2020 without including the world’s most desired travel destination. Italy is always the #1 destination people want to visit based on surveys taken globally. And there’s good reason for that… the entire country is incredibly beautiful (from the countryside, the lakes, the mountains, the major cities, and the breathtaking coastal areas), Italians take great pride in their food and wine so you’re guaranteed excellent quality, and the services and experiences you’ll enjoy are always handled by the most professional and knowledgeable guides and drivers.

Italy is so diverse it is an excellent destination no matter what interests you. Hikers, foodies, wine connoisseurs, beach bums, history buffs, art lovers, and the list goes on and on. We can design the perfect trip for you in Italy no matter what your hobbies and interests because Italy has it all! Whether you spend your days hiking, visiting museums or boating, you can always expect premium services, luxury accommodations, and exquisite cuisine.

Safari, Africa

SOUTH AFRICA… Africa is a huge continent and we recommend South Africa for a first trip to get a feel for all the different experiences it offers. You’ll visit cosmopolitan cities with a thriving culinary scene, a spectacular wine region, an amazing safari experience, and allow yourself to be pampered at one of the African islands with the most breathtaking crystal clear waters.

And now you can fly direct to Cape Town from the New York area so there’s no better time to travel to South Africa!

La Rioja, Spain

SPAIN… Home to an unbelievable 43 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Spain is a magnificent country full of history, charm and a glorious array of sun-soaked beaches and resorts. In the north… explore the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona and the Basque region known as one of Europe’s premiere culinary destinations (you can experience the best meal ever at a tapas bar or a Michelin starred restaurant!). The Andalucía region… south of Madrid has so much history, romanticism, and the best flamenco shows in Spain.

The beaches… whether in the south of Spain or visiting one of the stunning islands, the beaches are spectacular. In Mallorca enjoy vibrant cities, sandy beaches, mountainous areas with spectacular views, and luxury hotel accommodations. For the wine lovers… Spain has some of the world’s most fascinating wine regions, from red wines to cava and sherry.

I hope these destinations have sparked your interest and inspired you to begin planning. I would be honored to help plan your 2020 vacations. You will be matched to the destination that is right for you and your handcrafted itinerary will include transportation, accommodations, and unique activities to keep everyone excited about the trip.

Let’s get started in helping you create the most amazing memories this year. Click here to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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