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How Traveling Has Changed After COVID-19

Lake Como

As travel restrictions begin to loosen around the world, the travel experience and trends are changing. This week's blog contains valuable information on how traveling will be different and what travelers are looking for when planning upcoming vacations.

We can’t predict how long these changes will be in effect or even when all the borders will open but I’ll continue to provide you with the most up to date information.


Restaurants are starting to re-open and hotels will soon follow, with openings scheduled for June and July. However, all are taking social distancing very seriously with reduced capacity levels.


Many hotel properties have revised their policies. From temperature checks upon arrival to contact-free check-in and check-out procedures, and social distancing in public spaces. So many changes are taking place to ensure your safety.


Most AIRPORTS are requiring travelers to wear face masks during check-in. TSA is now allowing passengers to carry-on 12oz bottles of hand sanitizer. Many airline lounges have been closed and food service has been largely reduced throughout airports.

On FLIGHTS, meal and beverage service has been scaled back. Flight crew and passengers are asked to wear face coverings except during meals. Lastly, flight schedules have plummeted with very few offerings planned for summer travel.

As a result, many travelers are looking to charter PRIVATE PLANES. There are several companies that offer this service with different size planes depending on number of travelers and the destination. These private charters offer safety and sanitation measures unlike anything that can be provided by commercial carriers.


Many travelers are looking for private accommodations. Villa rentals around the world provide you with luxurious settings, large living spaces, private pool, state of the art kitchens and so much more. For more details see my previous Blog on Top 5 Reasons for Renting a Private Villa.


Since traveling internationally does not seem possible this summer, vacationing in the US is soaring. Whether a road trip or a short flight, there has never been a better time to explore our beautiful country. See my Blog on Best US Travel Destinations by Category.

Contact me anytime for more information on travel safety, including the countries that are open to US travelers, future trip-planning advice, and destination ideas. I would be honored to help plan your much needed vacation.

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