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New Travel Requirements May Be Here to Stay

Hoping to plan an international trip for next year? We are too! But it’s super important to stay informed in this fast evolving world.

Below you’ll learn about the current situation with country borders, new travel restrictions and requirements (some may be here to stay), and where and how people are planning to travel next year.

Grand Cayman

Which country borders are open?

It’s a fast changing world with country borders opening and closing as a result of the pandemic. Currently, most of Europe and Asia are off limits for Americans. Some Caribbean islands are allowing Americans to visit but with some restrictions.

And even within the US some states are not allowing visitors. Hawaii is requiring all out of state visitors to quarantine for 2 weeks or present results of a recent test. The US Virgin Islands shut down last week not allowing any visitors to enter for at least 30 days.

What are the new travel restrictions / requirements?

Past requirements to travel were usually a valid passport with six-month validity and a Visa for some countries. However, since the pandemic, some countries have even more requirements.

All countries with open borders are requiring a recent negative COVID test (taken 48 to 72 hours prior to arrival). This is usually difficult as results may take longer than that just to get back to you then you’ll need to fly to your destination.

You may now need to purchase a health insurance policy for entry… proof of a purchased travel insurance policy that will cover COVID related medical costs and additional lodging in the event of requiring to be quarantined in their country. And some countries are requiring you purchase their own insurance policy being offered to tourists. This insurance requirement may be here to stay as governments do not want to take on the financial responsibility of tourists becoming ill.

Where and how are people planning to travel in 2021?

Private villas are becoming the hottest travel product. Travelers feel safer in villas with private amenities… state of the art kitchens, large living spaces, private pools, etc…

There are spectacular villas to rent within the US and many travelers are taking road trips to explore our beautiful country. Others are renting villas in the Caribbean and making plans to vacation there for Spring Break 2021. See my previous article on the Top 5 Reasons for Renting a Private Villa.

Besides renting villas, travelers are looking for less crowded places such as staying in the countryside or on a remote island. And arranging for custom private experiences with private guides and chefs.

Want to feel safer about flying?

We help clients arrange for private charters within the US, the Caribbean and beyond. There are several companies we partner with offering different size planes depending on number of travelers and the destination. Private charters offer safety and sanitation measures unlike anything that can be provided by commercial carriers.

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