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5 Tips for Summer 2023 Travel

This summer will set breaking records for the travel industry. Despite the higher costs, we have all prioritized taking vacations and creating treasured memories that may have been put on hold over the past few years.

Below I am sharing 5 tips to help you set expectations for your summer trips…

Crowded Trevi Fountain in Rome

Be ready for the crowds

As the world recovers from the pandemic, there is a surge in travel demand like never before. Be prepared… expect crowded airports and cities. Don’t let this ruin your vacation. Be patient and accept that everyone else also wants to be there, just like you!

Arrive early at the airports

Nothing is worse than running through the airport hoping the gate is still open. This year we expect all flights to be full. Airports and airlines are still understaffed so expect delays. Arrive no later than 3 hours prior to your international flight. If you zoom through check-in and security, great, grab a drink and relax until it is time to board your flight.

Make sure to have Global Entry and TSA PreCheck

Global Entry is a program that allows pre-approved, low risk travelers to receive expedited clearance upon arrival into the United States. You also receive TSA PreCheck when approved for Global Entry which allows you to have a faster experience going through security on your departing flight. You don't need to be a frequent traveler to apply for Global Entry. Even if you travel a couple of times a year, imagine how much less stressful your time at the airport will be.

Pre-book your activities

We expect hotels and attractions to sell out! Don’t wait until you arrive at your destination to buy tickets to enter a main attraction or to book your dinner reservations (especially if there is a special restaurant on your list). This year, more than ever, our skip the line tours with a private guide will be key when visiting sites such as the Louvre or the Colosseum. Otherwise, expect to stand on very long lines in the heat of Summer.

Work with a travel advisor

We will always have your back! At Distinct Vacations, we partner with an in-destination supplier who manages the services you are receiving. So, if your guide or driver has an issue with meeting you at the designated time, they will have a backup for you. Or if you have flight disruptions, we can also quickly re-arrange your arrival plans. Should you need assistance at your destination, you always have a local contact. Traveling with this peace of mind will complete your travel experience. Plus, our handcrafted itineraries are designed to make the most out of your time, including all your transportation, excursions, and accommodations.

Bottom line – expect crowds and delays. Plan the right way, plan ahead, be patient and you will have the most amazing vacation.

At Distinct Vacations we partner with in-country travel suppliers allowing us to offer out-of-the-ordinary, non-Googleable, local experiences with premium service throughout your vacation.

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