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5 Travel Essentials You Need

Our goal at Distinct Vacations is to always make your vacation planning and experience seamless. These travel essentials will help with that as well.

Traveling can be stressful, but these essentials are sure to help relieve some of the stress factors that may arise. Read on for more…

Apple AirTag

Have you ever stood by the baggage carousel wondering if your luggage made it to your arrival airport? I know I have and it is super stressful. An AirTag is a tracking device and will not prevent your suitcase from getting lost but it will allow you to know where it is. Having the peace of mind that you can see your suitcase is a half mile from you at your airport will make all the waiting at the baggage carousel that much easier. There are similar devices on the market for Android phones as well.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

A must have for overnight flights. Getting even a few hours of sleep during an overnight flight will do wonders for your first day of vacation. Inevitably, there is noise on flights. Whether it is a baby nearby or the flight attendants walking around, chances are you will be easily awakened. These headphones help immensely. You can simply turn on the noise cancelling feature alone or add your favorite music to dose off and get some rest.

Monos - travel packing cubes

Packing Cubes

Roll everything into your cubes, from undergarments to dresses. You will fit so much more in your luggage and keep everything organized. You can even pack by location. So if you are staying in one city for 3 nights and somewhere else for 4, you can pack a cube per hotel stay. This will keep your suitcase super organized. You’ll only take out the cubes you need at every stop. The ones shown here are from my favorite luggage brand, Monos, but you can find many cube sets at different price points.

Universal Power Converter or Adapter

If your electronics do not have dual voltage, you will need a power converter, not an adapter. The US has 120V electricity but in most parts of the world they run on 220V electricity. The converter will change the electric power going into your appliance. The adapter simply allows it to fit in the holes, which can damage it. Most cell phones and computers have dual voltage. Check your electronics to see which one you will need.

Wrinkle Release Spray

Spray your wrinkled clothes, stretch them out a little and let them dry (you can also use your hair dryer for better results). You will love not struggling with the hotel iron and ironing board before getting dressed!

Please reach out if you need more details on these must have travel items.

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