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A Wellness Retreat: Insights You Need to Know

Palazzo Fiuggi Wellness Resort in Italy

Are you in need of a wellness retreat? Perhaps you are looking to reset, detox, or simply need a little pampering. Then you need to learn about a wellness resort I recently visited in Italy. It was eye opening to see how each wellness spa is different and how important it is to know exactly what they offer.

A Wellness Retreat: Insights You Need to Know

Palazzo Fiuggi is the wellness property I visited which is one hour outside of Rome. The resort is spectacular with beautiful rooms, views of the old town, a library, a garden, an outside terrace, and the most incredible spa facility. The spa area offers several pools, sauna rooms, salt room, thalassotherapy, and all types of body and facial treatments. Plus, there is a medical component with your stay. You will have medical evaluations and tests and meet with a doctor to review your needs and goals. Most programs require a one to two week stay.

Palazzo Fiuggi, wellness resort in Italy

Details to know…

You will have a daily schedule filled with spa appointments, medical tests, and a personal trainer. For meals, you will be presented with a specific diet of a certain number of calories for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are no food menus from which to make selections. You will also be offered half a glass of a smoothie at 11am and at 4pm. That’s it! There is no other food available on property at any other time.

Alcohol and caffeine are not available on property. I must say the chandelier-lit dining room where you have all your meals is gorgeous and the food served is gourmet (menus are created by a Michelin starred chef). However, it is limited, and you can only access food at those specific times, nothing else throughout the day. So, if you are poolside at 3pm and are feeling the urge to snack you will need to wait for your 4pm half a glass of a smoothie.

Spectacular view from the pool at Palazzo Fiuggi, wellness resort in Italy

If you are looking for the most luxurious and rejuvenating spa property, I highly recommend Palazzo Fiuggi. You will be offered so many options for medical tests, personal training, and a plan to take with you to continue with your health journey. However, it is important to know what to expect when it comes to the meals and drinks offered.

The main takeaway is if you are searching for a wellness getaway anywhere in the world, know the right questions to ask.

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