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How to Find the Hidden Gems in Every City

There are certainly different ways to travel, from backpacking throughout Europe to staying in the most authentic 5-star boutique hotels. You can also decide on how you want to experience the cities you are visiting. For example, you can hop around every couple of nights, wander on your own, take great pictures and move on, or you can do it in a very different way…

By staying a bit longer in each city, you can take it all in, enjoy sitting at a café to have lunch and people watch, and spend a half day with a local tour guide for a magical walking tour.

Florence, Italy

These local guides bring the cities to life!

Our guides always want to know as much as they can about the travelers, their interests, and passions. For example, if our client is into architecture, the guide will focus on that aspect of the city or if the client is a foodie, we incorporate stops for food tastings. My son is a huge soccer fan, and during a recent tour in Florence, the guide worked the local soccer team into the conversation and how it related to the city’s history.

Our city walking tours are always customized… for example, in Florence we can include a visit to a museum and food tastings. Or a museum and a focus on the artisans where you learn all about their trade, family history, and see their stunning work (all still done by hand). It all depends on the travelers’ interests.

These guides truly are amazing and have a gift for relating to the travelers, ensuring the tours are not boring or monotonous.

No matter the city you are visiting, we tap into the country’s best guides to help our clients see the famed attractions with a new perspective, while uncovering hidden stories and anecdotes along the way.

Are you ready to really get to know the hidden gems in the cities where you vacation? Reach out to schedule a complimentary consultation to get started with planning a trip that will truly allow you to experience a city like never before.


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