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Top Travel Trends

Oh, what a year this has been. The post-COVID travel demand is here to stay. After two very painful years of the world being shut down, many trip cancellations and postponed celebrations, 2022 has been a fantastic year of travel.

And the travel demand continues. Below are the trends we are seeing…

Taking Kids to Europe – Most of us travel with our kids within the US when they are young. Then we expand to the Caribbean, enjoying glorious beaches and resorts. Once the kids get to a certain age (I would say around 10), our clients are ready to take the first international trip with them. This is the age when they are curious to learn about cultures, history, foods, etc.. Italy is usually the perfect country for that first international experience with the kids.

Planning Earlier - Travelers know the demand is quite high so they don’t want to have limited availability and higher pricing which will occur the longer they wait (supply & demand!). We are seeing some travelers planning more than a year ahead of their travel dates.

Checking off Bucket List Trips No more waiting another year to plan a dream vacation. Or waiting until a certain milestone or just waiting for no good reason at all. Clients are visiting those destinations and having the experiences they have been dreaming about. Whether it is renting a villa in Tuscany with your family or experiencing the splendors of Japan, whatever you are dreaming about – now is the time to plan!

Taking Longer Vacations The average number of days families traveled in 2022 was up by around 30% from previous normal years. Travelers want to make the most of their vacation time and are planning longer trips. When flying many hours to get to your destination and paying the high cost of airfare these days, it makes sense to make the most of your vacation.

Planning Multigenerational Trips We are seeing a huge increase in multigenerational trips. Grandparents are looking to create the most treasured memories with their children and grandchildren. Whether it is around celebrating a milestone birthday or taking the grandkids to a dream destination, these experiences will forever remain in their hearts.

2022 was a record year for Distinct Vacations, thanks to our wonderful clients. A lot of things have changed since the pandemic, and some have been for the better. We now know how fragile life is and how quickly our world can shut down as we lose many privileges we take for granted.

Life is short… Take the trip… Buy the shoes… Eat the cake!

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