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Two New Travel Trends During COVID

It’s six months later and we are still dealing with the pandemic that has taken over the world. Many of us have been cocooned at home for most of this time, our vacation plans have been postponed or cancelled, and the entire family is working and attending school from home.

What is one to do? People are so eager to travel, eager to get away from sitting at home working for so many months.

So the hospitality industry is listening…


The thought for many is… if I’m going to be working remotely and the kids are attending school virtually, why not do it from a beautiful location?

Many hotels, resorts, and private home rentals in the US and the Caribbean are inviting those working remotely to come for an extended stay. Many are offering remote work packages even including childcare.

Imagine ending your workday and stepping out onto a spectacular Caribbean beach, or going for a hike with beautiful scenery in Arizona or Colorado, or enjoying a round of golf at a legendary course. The change of scenery will do wonders for your mental health after months of little interaction with friends or coworkers.

Some properties are even transforming rooms into comfortable work spaces (including lighting for video conferencing!), and are offering discounts for extended stays, spaces for students to take their virtual classes, boxed lunches, and so much more to make your workcation incredibly memorable.


Interest in exploring our own country has spiked considerably. Many have had international travel plans cancelled so road trips are becoming the norm. And private vacation home rentals in the US have been sold out for months.

Popular destinations for getting away this fall include vacation rentals in the Carolinas, Colorado, and Arizona. Renting a private villa is always a magical experience and even more so during these times when we so desperately need a change of scenery. For more details on the amazing benefits of staying in a private villa, see my previous Blog.

The pandemic has changed our world in a multitude of ways. Some things may be for the better while others have been extremely difficult, but we will persevere and get through this. Each and every person has been handling things in their own way. Perhaps you feel safest at home or maybe you need to get away for your mental health. We are each dealing with these challenging times the best we know how but it’s great to know there are options for traveling if that’s what will be best for you and your family.

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