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Update on the Travel Industry

Stunning view of Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos

The world is re-opening so what does that mean for the travel industry? For about 15 months everything came to a screeching halt. Hotels, restaurants, and the entire travel industry had to shut its doors. Flights were cancelled, employees lost their jobs and often found new pursuits.

Now that the world is recovering and we are all eager to travel, we are seeing the effects of the shutdown…

For 2021:

  • Lack of well-trained employees - resulting in some service issues

  • Lack of rental car availability as most rental car companies sold their fleets last year when no one was traveling

  • US and Caribbean hotels are completely booked this summer - and for the December holidays it is practically impossible to find availability

For 2022:

With the pent-up demand for European vacations we are going to see a travel boom in 2022 like never before. Not only because of so many postponed trips from 2020 and 2021 but also all the new ones that families are planning. We expect the demand to be much greater than the availability of hotels, tour guides, transportation, etc..

So, what does this all mean for those who are thinking about planning a vacation? Don’t delay! Whether you are planning for the second half of 2021 or for 2022, now is the time to reach out to your travel advisor. We have local contacts who may make rooms available that you may not see online. We may also be able to make suggestions for other hotels or destinations you may not have thought of. Most importantly, be flexible with your dates and expectations. The impact of the pandemic will have long lasting effects on the world and the travel industry.

One thing is for sure, nothing beats the feeling of planning a vacation, dreaming about it, then enjoying each day as you have new experiences, taste new foods and drinks, and disconnect from the stress of everyday life.

Are you ready to begin planning your next vacation? I would be honored to help. Email me to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Working with Distinct Vacations in reserving at any of our preferred properties, you may have access to flexible cancellation policies and special amenities (such as a spa credit, complimentary breakfast, and room upgrades).

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