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Vacation Ideas for 2023

For next year, our wish is for you to explore new destinations and enjoy new experiences.

Below we are highlighting three countries in Europe that offer very diverse experiences even within the same country.

The spectacular Peloponnese region of Greece


This spectacular country in the Mediterranean has always been a popular destination for its famous islands. The breathtaking islands of Mykonos and Santorini are a must see, but there is much more to Greece than the popular islands. The mainland also has some stunning regions that are less crowded, less touristy, and offer an authentic Greek experience. The mountains with lovely seaside towns are a great option. Or explore off-the-beaten-path islands. Some are quiet and romantic with spectacular beaches and others offer magnificent hiking opportunities. No matter where you visit, you will fall in love with Greece, its people, its food, and the magic of the Mediterranean Sea.

Pena Palace, Portugal


This small country has so many diverse regions. On the mainland, the southern coast is known for its beautiful golden beaches with spectacular rock formations. Castles and palaces abound in Portugal, from colorful fairytale castles to ones with stunning gardens and even a mythical well. One of the oldest wine regions is in Portugal, the Douro Valley. The river flowing in between the hills of rolling vineyards is truly magical. Then you have the stunning islands, the Azores, which are a nature lover’s paradise. These 9 islands are still a hidden gem offering hot springs, waterfalls, and gardens. Enjoy activities such as mountain biking, canyoning, canoeing, surfing, and infinite coastal hikes.

Ronda, Spain

SPAIN Most are familiar with Madrid and Barcelona but here are two regions you should consider… Andalucia, located in southern Spain is a very large and diverse area. From its golden beaches, its mountain ranges, white villages, charming cities, and flamenco shows to the most delicious food. In Andalucia you can swim at the beaches and ski in the Sierra Nevada, it’s a fascinating region. The Romans, Moors, and Jewish rulers all left their mark with castles, cathedrals, mosques, and palaces in Andalucia. The Basque Country in northern Spain offers an architecture and design hub in the city of Bilbao - housing the Guggenheim Museum. One of my favorite cities in the world is in this region, San Sebastian. Often included on lists of the top food cities in the world, San Sebastian has a beautiful beach, an old town with pedestrian streets filled with pinxtos bars (tapas like food). The city also offers many well-known Michelin starred restaurants. It’s paradise for foodies!

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