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What People Crave for Post COVID Travel

Traveling is a privilege that we will not be taking for granted anymore. If you are anything like me you dream about visiting new places, exploring, trying new foods, learning about the culture, and meeting the people. We have not been able to do that this year but I continue to dream and learn about new destinations to explore.

Many families are now planning for 2021 and even 2022, but what travelers want is looking a bit different. They are also changing how they are planning their trips.

Below are 5 things people are craving for their post COVID travel…

TRUST – Travelers want to feel safe about how they are booking their vacations. They need transparency and relaxed cancellation policies. Travelers are now, more than ever, working with advisors that offer personalized services and that can be reached anytime (unlike online booking engines).

AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCES – We now know how precious our vacation time is and don’t want to waste a single minute doing things that are not exactly what you would choose. When traveling on group tours or on cruise ships you are following someone else’s itinerary. Instead, travelers want customization and for every component of their trip to be tailored to them.

NATURE & THE GREAT OUTDOORS – After being cocooned for so long this year, travelers are yearning for spectacular scenery. The inside of our homes have made us crave for sunshine, beaches, long walks in nature, or bike rides. The demand for visiting the countryside in Europe is growing for post COVID trips.

Crystal clear waters of Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

ESCAPING CROWDS – I believe it will take us all a long time to feel comfortable around crowds. Here are a few ideas travelers are considering:

  • renting private villas on an island or in the European countryside,

  • visiting less traveled places instead of major cities,

  • chartering a private yacht to explore the Caribbean or a barge to cruise the canals in Europe.

Beautiful barge on the French canals

CHECKING OFF BUCKET LISTS – Some have been putting off a trip for a while and now realize they don’t want to do that anymore. So once the world recovers and borders re-open, they will be taking that trip they’ve have been dreaming about for years and checking it off their bucket list.

So, this sums up what I am hearing from clients about what they crave for their post COVID vacation. Many are booking their long awaited trips as it gives them something to look forward to, even if it is for 2022!

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