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10 Bucket List Destinations to Visit at Least Once

Are you thinking about checking off destinations on your bucket list for your next vacation? These days I often hear from clients that they don't want to wait another year or wait until they get their next promotion or wait for anything else. They want to continue exploring our beautiful world and create the most treasured memories with their loved ones. We are all looking forward to amazing vacations after having that privilege taken away during the pandemic.

Below are 10 destinations you should visit at least once and why not start on your next vacation? Each one is magical and makes for creating the most treasured vacation memories.

African Safari & South Africa

A vacation in Africa is a life-changing experience. From the wildlife, the mountains, the wine region, and the beautiful vibrant Cape Town, Africa is a traveler’s and photographer’s dream destination. Imagine waking up in your luxurious Safari Lodge to the most spectacular scenery. Then get ready to spot leopards, lions, zebras, giraffes, elephants and more with daily safari drives. From there visit the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town and perhaps end your adventure with a stay on an African island!

Sydney Opera House all lit up in early evening.

Australia & New Zealand

These two countries are often combined into one trip and each offers the most breathtaking scenery and unique experiences. In Australia, you’ll find unique wildlife, cosmopolitan cities like Sydney and Melbourne, and gorgeous beaches. Plus, you can swim and snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven wonders of the natural world. New Zealand offers small-town charm amidst a backdrop of stunning lakes, waterfalls, and snow-capped mountains. Both countries offer incredible hospitality, fascinating ancient cultures, world-class food and wine, and bucket list golf courses.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

There is something utterly sublime and indulgent about the French Polynesian islands. Perhaps it’s the soft warm sand caressing your feet while enjoying majestic views or the champagne toast on a dreamy yacht as the sun sets. You will feel like you’re vacationing in paradise… stay in an overwater bungalow, enjoy sailing, snorkel, swim with stingrays, and even learn Polynesian dance!

Stunning seaside town in Greece's Peloponnese region


This spectacular country in the Mediterranean has always been a popular destination for its famous islands. The breathtaking islands of Mykonos and Santorini are a must see, but there is much more to Greece than the popular islands. The mainland also has some stunning regions that are less crowded, less touristy, and offer an authentic Greek experience. The mountains with lovely seaside towns are a great option. Or explore some off-the-beaten-path islands. Some are quiet and romantic with spectacular beaches and others offer magnificent hiking opportunities. No matter where you visit, you will fall in love with Greece, its people, its food, and the magic of the Mediterranean Sea.


These islands are often overlooked but once you visit you will realize why this is such a special place. The fresh floral air will energize you, the warm tranquil waters will refresh you, and the breathtaking natural scenery will renew you. There is no place on earth like Hawaii. There are 6 islands one can visit and each offers a totally different experience. One thing is for sure, they all offer a multitude of adventure activities, and they all have that unique, laid-back Hawaiian vibe.

Spectacular mountainside village in Tuscany, Italy


There are so many reasons why this is the most desired travel destination in the world! The entire country is incredibly beautiful… from the countryside, the lakes, the mountains, the major cities, and the breathtaking coastal areas. The warmth of the Italian people and the great pride they take in their food and wine guarantees you will have the most memorable experiences in Italy. It is such a diverse country that allows us to design itineraries for so many interests. Perhaps you love to hike or you’re a history buff, an art lover, a foodie, a wine connoisseur, and the list goes on. We specialize in designing customized trips to Italy matching you to the right region and experiences.

Beautiful Riad in Morocco


This country on the northwest corner of Africa is an unbeatable destination offering breathtaking landscapes (the sea, mountains, and majestic sand dunes in the Sahara). Beautiful ancient cities and sweeping deserts make for the vast contrast you will experience while visiting this stunning country. Imagine strolling the colorful streets of Marrakesh before spending the night in a Riad (Moroccan homes converted to luxurious boutique hotels), and spending the night in a luxury tent on the Sahara may top your list of favorite experiences. All our Morocco tours include a private driver/guide to escort you for the duration of your trip. The entire experience is highly personalized and tailored to you.

Paris, France

Why is Paris such a special place? I had not visited the city in a while and when Iast vacationing there in 2019, I fell in love. Here’s why… The architecture – glamorous buildings at every turn, lamplit bridges along the Seine, and the majestic Eiffel Tower peeking through at every corner. The bistro scene – Parisian streets are lined with endless French bistros with outdoor seating where you can have an exquisite meal or simply relax as you sip your wine. Oh, and you must visit the boulangeries (bakeries). Parks and gardens – you can easily spend an afternoon at one of the spectacular city parks, the perfect spots to bring a bottle of your favorite wine! These are just some of the reasons why I love this city and why you must visit at least once.

Traditional boats in Thailand on a stunning beach

Thailand & Vietnam

Southeast Asia does not have perfect weather all year, during our winter is the perfect time to visit. Consider exploring Thailand… experience the vibrant city of Bangkok, visit Northern Thailand for elephant reserves, temples, and for the spectacular nature, then spend some time in spectacular regions with remote islands and unspoiled beaches. In Vietnam, you will have unforgettable experiences such as gazing over the seascape of limestone islands on Halong Bay, visiting the floating markets, exploring one of the most spectacular cave systems, and indulging in some of the best street food in the world!

Tokyo, Japan

Variety is Tokyo’s key. Few other world cities are as wonderfully idiosyncratic. International and local influences intertwine in cuisine, festivals, music, galleries, shopping and even accommodations. Tokyo is a city of surprises with ancient temples nestled among modern skyscrapers. And, although it is a highly populated city, you can hear a pin drop as you stroll its streets. Visiting Tokyo in the Spring is often considered the best time as you will be mesmerized by the spectacular cherry blossoms.

So, which of these destinations are you adding to your travel bucket list?

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