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Arenal, Costa Rica

Do you often think about where you can travel in the winter? Are you looking for warm weather and sun but don't want to travel across the globe? One of the destinations I frequently recommend to clients looking to travel somewhere warm between November and April (but not travel very far) is Costa Rica! This tiny country has so much natural beauty, warm people, beautiful rain forests, volcanoes, beaches, and so much more. There are few places in the world that can offer the incredible diversity offered by Costa Rica.

So many unique experiences to enjoy the spectacular nature in Costa Rica... Hike the National Park – One of the most amazing things about this beautiful country is the wildlife. Our naturalist guide will explain the history and geography of the area as well as help you get the most of your visit pointing out sloth’s, monkeys, birds, and all kind of animals. Majestic Volcanoes and Beautiful Hot Springs – Costa Rica has 14 active and non-active volcanoes. There are stunning views of these volcanoes and if you’re lucky enough to visit these areas you will most likely soak in the hot springs created by their heat.

Enjoy Adventure Activities – With so many activities to enjoy including zip-lining, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, hiking, exploring the forests, mountain biking, surfing, sports fishing, and snorkeling, there is something to appeal to everyone!

Toucan, Costa Rica

Eco-tourism – Costa Rica’s diverse habitats and ecosystems include thousands of plant species, butterflies, amphibians, reptiles, fish and birds. Tens of thousands of tourists experience the beauty of this country without doing any harm to the glorious environment. Costa Rica is one of the most eco-friendly destinations on the planet.

Relax at the Beach - Costa Rica's beaches are rugged but beautiful, especially those that back into the forest. The sand is darker and coarser than a Caribbean beach but so wonderful to relax in after a day of enjoying adventure activities.

Travel to Costa Rica this winter for fun, adventure and family bonding. You might discover a new experience that the entire family enjoys!

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