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Santorini, Greece

There is a lot of research and planning that goes into every vacation. You want your trip to be a success and that starts with being matched with the right destination. Selecting the destination that is perfect for you ensures you will enjoy every minute of your trip. There's a whole world to explore and a ton of information on the internet so where do you start? Here are 5 tips for helping you choose the right destination:

  • INTERESTS? (your own and travel companions) – This is the very first step in planning clients’ trips. It’s not asking, where do you want to travel? Instead, it’s a process of inquiring about hobbies and interests. For example, which of these do you love to do… hiking, gourmet dining, historical sites, etc. Brainstorming about the travelers’ interests is the best way to focus on destination options. After all, you should enjoy what you love during your vacations!

  • TIME OF YEAR? - Some areas of the world have long rainy seasons so traveling there during those times may not be fun.

  • HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU BE AWAY? – This is really important because you need to select a destination that is appropriate for the amount of time you could be away. For example, if you’re flying to Hawaii from the East Coast I always recommend a minimum of 10 nights. Any less is not worth the 10 hour flight!

  • ONE CITY OR MULTIPLE DESTINATION TRIP? – Exploring most countries usually requires a multiple destination trip as it’s difficult to see much from any one city. It’s important to determine if your family is up for moving from place to place every three to four days or if staying in one place is more appealing.

  • BUDGET? – Lastly, budget is a huge consideration. Some destinations are simply more expensive than others. Airfare alone can be a large component of your budget. Think about using credit card points or frequent flyer miles to pay for the airfare. See my previous blog for more details on How to Budget for Your Vacations.

Being matched with the perfect destination is one of the most important steps in planning your next vacation.

Keep these things in mind when thinking about your next adventure or contact me for your complimentary consultation. I'd love to help match you with the right destination and design your handcrafted itinerary so you can start creating memories.

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