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Rome, Italy

Do you envision your vacation with some pre-arranged experiences and also time at leisure to enjoy strolling the cobblestone streets of your favorite city? My goal is to create the most perfect vacation for you, without you wasting time on long lines visiting the main sites (and wondering if you're missing anything at your destination). Every single trip designed is unique because you deserve to travel your way, not on a pre-planned group itinerary.

I would be honored to help design and plan your next vacation. And in this week’s blog I’m sharing with you how working with me will transform your vacation experience, from the planning stages until you return home…

WE TAKE CARE OF ALL THE RESEARCH – After getting to know your preferences I research for the best options (from logistics of the trip to the perfect accommodations and transportation). Then I create a completely customized journey that is perfect for you. Itineraries include flights, ground transportation, accommodations, day tours, and exclusive experiences.

ALL OUR SERVICES ARE PROVIDED BY VETTED RELIABLE COMPANIES – at Distinct Vacations we partner with travel suppliers that are on the ground at your destination and have been proven to offer very reliable and high end services. Your drivers, tour guides, and all experiences will be timely, professional, and fun. I often hear from clients that these experiences are what make their vacations so memorable. You shouldn’t have to worry about the quality or reliability of your services while traveling.

WE MAKE EXPERT RECOMMENDATIONS - I spend a lot of time learning about your preferences, hobbies, and interests. Only after getting to know you will I design a trip to include activities that you will love (a private truffle hunting experience, a bike tour in the vineyards, or a hike along a beautiful coastline). It's also important to know your style, do you prefer hotels with a modern feel or historic buildings with old world charm? All these details are what make your vacation unique, memorable, and feeling it was tailor made for you!

YOU WILL FEEL SPECIAL WHILE VISITING THE MAIN SITES – So, anyone can search for the must do's in any city and quickly see many articles on the top 5 things to do in Rome, for example. But the difference in working with me is that you won’t be visiting these sites with a large group following the guide with the red umbrella or waiting on a line for hours to enter the Vatican. The experiences I include get you skip the line access to all major attractions with private guides that will explain the history and the magic of the sites you are visiting.

YOU WILL RECEIVE VIP TREATMENT - Hotels know how you booked your room. If you see a really good deal on Expedia chances are you are getting a dark room overlooking a parking lot. Before a client travels I contact each hotel to request VIP treatment. Not only will you be given the nicest rooms but you will be catered to and, often times, receive special welcome amenities and early check-in.

I WORK FOR YOU! Distinct Vacations is not affiliated with any hotels, cruise lines or any other travel product. The only thing I strive for is to really understand your preferences and travel style in order to design the perfect itinerary for you. My goal is for you to enjoy as each vacation day unfolds and be transformed from your vacation experience.

That’s how I can help you create incredible vacation memories... it's about focusing on you, your preferences, your interests, and designing a handcrafted journey. One where you will feel special and you’ll soak in each day with unique experiences and VIP treatment. You will have a truly memorable experience from the planning stages until you return home.

I would be honored to help design and plan your next vacation. Contact me for your complimentary consultation to start planning!

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