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Spending time in the Tuscan countryside is a very special experience. Pictures don’t do it justice. Being there truly is magical. The fantastic vibe in the air, picture perfect hills lined with vineyards and olive trees, and the most charming countryside towns with magnificent views are simply breathtaking.

Plus, today I want to share with you two incredible experiences you can have in Tuscany during the summer of 2020…

ATTEND A UNIQUE ANDREA BOCELLI CONCERT - see his most moving performance in Bocelli’s hometown at an open-air amphitheater. This theater comes alive every July for Bocelli’s magical concert (the theater is silent the rest of the year). The Tuscan hills as the backdrop for the theater add to this amazing experience. A spectacular event of acoustics and stage show. Each year the theme and content of the show changes, from lavish concerts to full operas, always chosen by Bocelli. We include transportation, aperitifs before the concert, and VIP access. There are also a very limited number of tickets for a dinner with Bocelli after the concert.


EXPERIENCE THE PALIO IN SIENA – this lovely medieval city in Tuscany is famous for one of the most passionate events in Italy – the Palio. Siena is divided into 17 areas and twice each year they compete in this horse race right in the heart of the city. The Palio is more than a horse race, it is a large part of the people’s lives since the time of birth. Watch this spectacular event from a space overlooking the Piazza del Campo (where it takes place), including cocktails, refreshments and a special dinner. There are many festivities over 4 days in Siena to celebrate their greatest tradition and thousands of people come to watch the big event.

Imagine enjoying one of these events while staying at a spectacular property in the hills of Tuscany. A restored 11th century monastery converted to a stunning hotel with beautiful outdoor areas, pools, a state of the art spa – complete with a Turkish bath and hydro massage pool, plus two wonderful restaurants.

I would be honored to help you experience one of these amazing events next summer. Contact me for your complimentary consultation so we can start planning!

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