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A Custom Private Tour for Your Next Vacation

Montefioralle, Italy

We don’t know when our world will be healthy and open again but one thing is for sure… our new normal may look differently.

What I mean by that is for those who may be accustomed to traveling in large escorted group tours or mega cruise ships, these methods of traveling may not be the best option. You may not feel comfortable on a group tour where you will be spending hours on a bus with 30 plus travelers. And mega cruise ships may start operating much later than the rest of the world.

Last week I shared with you some destination ideas away from the crowds and below I’m expanding on the benefits of our private tours…

A CUSTOMIZED PRIVATE TOUR is designed for you based the travelers’ preferences and interests.

Private experiences allow for… flexibility, customization, safety, and your guides will take you to off-the-beaten-path places you would have never found on your own. You will also enjoy visiting the main sites but with your own driver and guide who will cater to you throughout your trip. And you only spend the amount of time at the attractions that is right for you. Airport transfers and transportation for sightseeing are in private vehicles. Transferring between cities is either via train (all pre- arranged for you), or in private vehicles.

Get the Best Value for Your Vacation Dollars… By traveling on a custom trip you are only paying for those activities that are perfect for you. And the hotels are hand selected based on what’s best for your traveling party. So you are not wasting any of your precious vacation dollars on included experiences that may not be perfect for you.

Concerned About Missing Traveling in a Group? Not a problem! Grab a couple of your closest friends. We can design a custom trip for your small group. Your transportation will be in a Mercedes mini-bus for plenty of room and comfort.

At Distinct Vacations we partner with a local company in each country. They have the most reliable and knowledgeable guides and service providers in the industry that cater to our clients from the minute they arrive at the airport.

Your private guides and drivers are always locals, born and raised in the region you are visiting. They are so happy you are vacationing there and are eager to share their insider knowledge with you.

Two ways to get the most out of your DRIVERS and GUIDES…

Learn From Them… they want to share all about the traditions and customs of their region. However, they don’t know what you’re interested in unless you open up to them. So the best advice I can give you is to talk (a lot) to your guides and drivers. Ask them anything you’re interested in knowing… local foods, an authentic restaurant, their favorite wine, or the history of their hometown. Whatever it is you’re interested in learning about just let them know, they will be happy to share.

Customize Your Day… All our day excursions have a detailed description in your itinerary but you can modify with your guide / driver. The guides are yours for the duration of your tour and every minute should be spent doing what you love most. For example, if you only want to spend a specific amount of time at a museum and use the rest of the time with your guide enjoying a coffee at a local spot, learning more about the region, let them know and they’d be happy to accommodate you.

Lastly, you always have a local contact for any assistance you may need... from changing a pick up time to any other questions or emergencies that may arise.

Although we can’t travel right now, it is the perfect time to dream and plan for how you want to travel once our world is open again.

As you start dreaming about your next vacation. This previous Blog may help as I give you to 4 spectacular vacation ideas away from the crowds.

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