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A Vacation in Africa

We’re confident travel will be back in due time. But for now I’ll continue to inspire you and help you dream about all the amazing destinations we can enjoy in our beautiful world.

Let’s dream about Africa… when we’re finally able to pack our bags and board a plane once again, what better way to get back out there than to immerse ourselves into a destination that goes above and beyond! Visiting Africa is a life-changing experience and a place where responsible tourism initiatives are steadily increasing.

Experience Africa... From the wildlife, the mountains, the wine region, the beautiful and vibrant Cape Town, Africa is a traveler's and photographer's dream destination.

Africa represents… Unique Experiences, Adventure, Relaxation, Un-Crowded places.

Below are a few highlights of this spectacular continent.

South Africa

African Safari... Imagine waking up in your luxurious Safari Lodge to the most spectacular scenery including private pools, fine dining, and an exceptional spa. Then get ready to spot leopards, lions, zebras, giraffes, elephants and more on daily safari drives. Your private guide will ensure you have the best game-viewing experiences. We work with you to recommend the best destination for your safari whether in the grassy plains of Kenya, the spectacular Serengeti or Kruger National Park.

Cape Winelands... This region of South Africa is filled with dramatic mountains, valleys, one of the world's best wine regions, and first class restaurants. A guided bike tour between the wine estates is the perfect way to explore this region's spectacular countryside.

Cape Town... This is one of the world's most vibrant cities with beautiful white beaches and magnificent mountains. You will never be bored in Africa's most cosmopolitan city... hike a mountain, relax on the beach, or explore this spectacular city and enjoy its buzzing food and wine scene.


African Islands… my favorite way to end a trip to Africa. Here’s our mini guide to some of the continent’s best beaches:

Mauritius - With its sapphire waters, powder-white beaches and luxury resorts, Mauritius is the perfect beach complement to a southern Africa safari.

Seychelles - For anyone looking for unspoiled tropical paradise hundreds of miles from anywhere, where one can lie on palm-fringed beaches, swim in warm, crystal-clear topaz seas and just relax, the Seychelles Islands are the answer.

Madagascar - More rustic, but epic in its beach, rainforest and wildlife experiences, the island is known as “the eighth continent” for its biodiversity.

Zanzibar - Set off the coast of Tanzania, the exotic island of Zanzibar is still a hidden gem. Characterized by sandy beaches and fringed by coral reefs, Zanzibar is the perfect place to relax after an East Africa safari adventure. It’s also an easier/closer alternative to Seychelles with the same punch.

A trip to Africa will be a life-changing experience and sure to be one of your most memorable vacations. Please reach out to schedule your complimentary consultation. I’d love to brainstorm with you about the perfect trip to Africa for you and your family.

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