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5 Bucket List Experiences

As we eagerly await a healthier world and borders opening up again, let’s continue to dream!

Below are 5 experiences to add to your bucket list. Each one is unique and I have no doubt each will provide you with the most treasured vacation memories.

African Safari

Experience an African Safari… Imagine waking up in your luxurious Safari Lodge to the most spectacular scenery including private pools, fine dining, and an exceptional spa. Then get ready to spot leopards, lions, zebras, giraffes, elephants and more on daily safari drives. Your private guide will ensure you have the best game-viewing experiences. We work with you to recommend the best destination for your safari whether in the grassy plains of Kenya, the spectacular Serengeti or Kruger National Park.


Explore The Azores... These nine islands off the coast of Portugal are still a hidden gem. Each island has its own landscape and magic. Here’s what you can experience in the Azores… Lovely towns with mosaic cobblestone streets, not far from these charming towns you can visit hot springs and float in thermal waters, hike to waterfalls, and marvel at beautiful gardens throughout the islands. Enjoy a myriad of activities such as mountain biking, canyoning, surfing, canoeing, and infinite coastal hikes.

Korcula, Croatia

Go Island Hopping in Croatia… With more than 1,000 islands you'll definitely find your favorite! The islands are full of surprises with wineries, lavender fields, olive groves, caves, and even a restaurant in an abandoned city of stone houses. Stay in a couple of islands and enjoy private boat trips to neighboring ones. You will love swimming in the crystal clear Adriatic Sea.

European River Cruise

Sail on a European River Cruise… Float along in your luxury boutique hotel while exploring charming European villages every single day. European River cruising is magical. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced… it’s intimate (averaging 130 passengers), elegant, and so much fun. You’ll spend your days exploring villages (by bike or on foot), relaxing, and enjoying fine dining and local wines. Plus we work with you to extend your vacation with a custom itinerary in cities like Vienna, Prague or Amsterdam.

Adare Manor

Stay in a Castle in Ireland… Feel like royalty the minute you set foot on one of Ireland's castles. Pictured here is Adare Manor where you will be pampered by their spa services, culinary experiences, beautiful golf course, and many fun activities for the whole family.

Have you enjoyed any of these amazing experiences? Which one are you adding to your bucket list?

I would be honored to brainstorm with you about which destination would be the best match for your 2021 vacation. Email me to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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