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5 Essential Items for Traveling

It is so exhilarating to embark on a travel adventure. One of the keys to a seamless experience is having the essentials to make the trip feel less stressful.


I have created a list of the best travel items to pack. From helpful gadgets to practical essentials, these items will make you feel more comfortable and will help give you peace of mind during your journey. Plus, they make great gifts for the holidays!

Wrapped holiday gift - gift ideas for travelers

5 Essential Items for Traveling…


Cadence Capsules 

Fill these 2.75 oz containers with anything from face moisturizer, hair conditioner, to even small jewelry. Cadence containers are a must. They make it super easy to travel with your favorite products – they are small and spill-proof.

Compressible Packing Cubes

These packing cubes help keep your suitcase organized while saving space. Roll your clothes in these cubes. You can separate by type - shirts, pants, etc., or by outfits for each destination. Either way, it is easy to pull out what you need without disrupting everything else. Plus, these cubes by Monos have zippers to compress them and save space.



No matter how well you pack, your clothes will have wrinkles. I strongly dislike ironing, especially on vacation. This iron/steamer is a game changer. The Nori Press is small enough to fit in your suitcase without robbing too much space and makes getting wrinkles out a breeze.


Apple AirTag

Bluetooth tracking devices are becoming more and more popular. Throw one in your suitcase and you will always know its location. An AirTag will not prevent it from getting lost but, in the event it can’t be found by your airline, you will always know where it is.


Compression Socks

Those long international flights can make your legs feel very tired and swollen. I never fly without my compression socks. These by Physix Gear can be found on Amazon for around $20. They offer shock absorption and comfort for your long flights.


Reach out should you have any questions on any of these or other travel essentials.


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