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5 Reasons to Vacation in Spain

Spain is a country that has it all… from mountains and beaches to wine regions and cosmopolitan cities. Home to an unbelievable 48 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Spain also boasts glorious sun-soaked beaches and resorts.

Spain is often overlooked as a vacation destination when compared to some of its neighboring countries. Recently, I have had a lot of interest in Spain and in this Blog I am sharing with you the top 5 reasons you should consider Spain for your next vacation…

Granada, Spain

The Architecture

Due to its very diverse history, Spanish architecture has the influence of the Romans, the Moorish and the modern architects. The Romans constructed buildings with marble pillars and statues. The remains of stunning Moorish castles and mosques still exist, mainly in southern Spain which is where the Moors first settled. Then you have the work of the modern architects, the most well-known is Antoni Gaudi. Most of his work is in Barcelona with the famous Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell and several other buildings.

Flamenco show in Sevilla, Spain

The Arts

Much of Spain is a playground of exciting artists like Joan Miro, Picasso, Francisco de Goya, and Antoni Gaudi with his masterpieces in Barcelona. You can discover the work of Spain’s most famous artists in its world-famous museums and art galleries such as the Prado and Picasso Museums. And don’t miss a flamenco show during your visit to Spain. It is a style of dance, singing and guitar playing that originated in southern Spain.

Tapas bar in San Sebastian, Spain

The Food and Wine

Spain is the world’s third largest producer of wine, after France and Italy. Spain is known for its red wines from the Rioja and Priorat regions, sparkling wine (Cava) from a region just west of Barcelona, and sherry which is produced in southern Spain. When it comes to food, you need to experience tapas in Spain at least once in your life. One of the best foodie cities in Europe is San Sebastian in northern Spain. The streets are lined with tapas bars offering mouthwatering small plates with seafood, Spain’s famous jamón (ham), chorizo and many other exquisite dishes. Other areas of Spain also have amazing foodie scenes to indulge in tapas bars or renowned Michelin starred restaurants.

The beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain

The Islands

The Spanish islands are primarily in two areas: The Balearic Islands are in the Mediterranean and they include Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza. The Canary Islands are in the Atlantic Ocean close to the coast of Morocco. The islands of Spain offer pristine beaches, lovely villages and spectacular mountain ranges. Some are party islands while others are quiet and romantic. They all offer beautiful scenery, hiking opportunities, and a great foodie scene.

The Rich History

Spain has a Roman heritage and Catholicism played an important role in the formation of the country. But Spain also has a rich Moorish heritage being invaded by the Muslims in the early Middle Ages. Its cities offer an impressive collection of historical sites, including cathedrals, Gothic buildings, and mosques. These influences have shaped Spain’s art, cuisine, music, architecture, and culture.

I hope this gives you an overview of the experiences you can enjoy when vacationing in Spain. It is an amazing country you should include on your bucket list.

Here is a sample itinerary - Highlights of Spain - it offers a great overview of the country with in-depth touring in Madrid, Sevilla and Barcelona, plus the best day excursions from each city.

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