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COVID Travel Insurance to Get You Home

The spectacular Hurawalhi Resort, Maldives
Hurawalhi Resort, Maldives

As the world recovers from the pandemic, more and more people are traveling internationally.

However, the US continues to require a negative COVID test for returning to the country (regardless of vaccination status). Anyone can test positive for the virus while traveling and, often times, with very little symptoms.

There are generally 2 concerns with international travel these days as it relates to the pandemic… 1 - being stuck in a foreign country in quarantine for a couple of weeks and, 2 - needing medical treatment in a country where you may not know the quality of the healthcare system.

So, if either of these concerns is preventing you from taking your dream vacation, this membership may be perfect for you.

This program provides a dedicated, private transport service back to your home city should you contract COVID while out of the country.

Benefits of this membership give you full peace of mind that should you be diagnosed with COVID-19 while traveling, you can come home for care and treatment.

You will not be able to board your commercial flight, when returning from an international destination, without proof of a negative COVID test. But, should you test positive, you will be allowed to arrive at your home with the services of a private evacuation.

This company has created a network of air ambulances, boats, and staff to transport you from anywhere in the world back to your home. They ask that the membership be purchased no less than 14 days prior to travel. However, if it is less than 14 days from departure, you will need to show a negative PCR test administered within 7 days of your travel date.


Memberships for Individuals and Families

Membership for One Trip or Annual (for the frequent traveler)

No Hospitalization Requirement

Two Requirements for Evacuation – Positive PCR test and one self-reported Symptom (could be as simple as a headache or loss of taste)

Up to $1M of medical transport included (no evacuation has been higher in cost, including those from Africa and the Maldives)


Not offered for those traveling on a cruise or yacht of 25 cabins or more

Maximum age is 85

Not offered to those traveling to major public events > 250 people. Private events are covered (for example a wedding)

No coverage at destinations with a ‘stay at home order’

This company has decades of experience with crisis response and evacuations so when the pandemic hit they realized the need for this service.

If you would like to learn more about this membership and its benefits feel free to reach out.

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