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Current State of the Travel Industry

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Are you ready to travel but finding it difficult to get reservations? Below I’m sharing with you the current state of the travel industry and what we are seeing when planning trips for 2021…

Places where we can vacation this year are very limited. Think about this… we used to have the whole world to choose from, now we have very few countries that are open for tourism and there are travel restrictions even within our own country.

Availability to destinations where we can travel is extremely limited for Spring and Summer vacations.

HOTELS… due to the limited destinations, most luxury properties in the US and the Caribbean are completely booked. What this does to the next level of hotels is that prices are increasing significantly as demand increases. You may be paying 5-star prices for a 4-star hotel.

CAR RENTALS… Over the past year, rental car companies have sold most of their fleet as they did not have the demand from corporate or leisure travelers. Now we are seeing very limited availability and very high prices for rentals. So, if you will need a rental car where you are traveling, don’t waste any time in confirming a reservation.

FLIGHTS… Flight schedules have changed and there are nowhere near as many flights scheduled as there used to be. As demand increases, prices also increase. We expect flights to be completely booked for Spring and Summer travel.

We are all in need of a getaway to re-energize and rejuvenate. The feelings of exploring a new destination will be the same whether you are visiting a European city or a state or island you have always wanted to visit. Creating treasured memories with our families is what’s most important – no matter where that is.

Are you thinking about planning a Spring or Summer vacation? I would be honored to help with finding the right destination and navigating the complicated reservation process. Email me to schedule your complimentary consultation to get started.

Working with Distinct Vacations in reserving at any of our preferred properties, you may have access to flexible cancellation policies and special amenities (such as a spa credit, complimentary breakfast, and room upgrades).

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