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Gifts for Travelers: 5 Best Stocking Stuffers

Stockings hanging on the mantel with gifts for travelers

Do you have a traveler in your life? Our list of favorite stocking stuffers will help make their adventures easier and more enjoyable.


These compression socks will do wonders for the traveler who takes long haul flights. Legs and feet tend to swell when spending many hours flying. These socks will alleviate the inflammation and they’ll feel so much better when arriving at their destination. Link to Amazon


This device helps ensure their luggage is not too heavy for airline regulations. Simply pack, close the suitcase, attach the scale to the handle, and pick it up. The digital scale will show the weight of the suitcase. Airports can be stressful and this scale will eliminate this factor for less delays in the check-in process. Link to Amazon


This cube fits a variety of plug types around the world. It’s an excellent gift for the world traveler in your life. They will be able to travel to multiple countries with just this one adapter. And they will be able to plug in up to 5 devices. Link to Amazon


You never know how long you may be stuck in an airport or, even worse, your phone dies as you are taking the most beautiful pictures while traveling. This portable charger will never disappoint. It quickly charges your cell phone so you don’t have to worry about ever running out of battery. And, bonus, you can plug in multiple devices to charge. Link to Amazon


Ok, this has been a lifesaver during my trips. I confess, ironing is one of my least favorite things to do. Even the best packer’s clothes get wrinkled, it’s inevitable. Simply hang the clothes, spray them and let the magic begin. Secret tip: If you’re in a rush use the hair dryer for faster results or let the clothes hang in the bathroom while you take a hot shower. Link to Amazon

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